you don't know jack for ios

just wondering has anyone figured out any way to play this one? because I've heard its possible but I don't know where any of the choices are for questions


here's the discription and how to play the game

Download the SPIKE TV Video Game Awards' “Social Game of the Year” to your iPhone® or iPad®. YOU DON’T KNOW JACK is the #1 game in the world that contains both fart noises and trivia about Shakespeare. This free-to-play mobile version includes hundreds of full episodes of everybody’s favorite quiz show trivia game, with new, topical episodes added every week! And now, we've even added celebrity guest episodes that let you play head-to-head against stars of TV, film, and music as they banter and jostle with game host Cookie Masterson. “It doesn't feel like a game made for a tablet. It feels like tablets were made for this game.” - We've brought back many of your favorite question types, the DisOrDat, the Gibberish Question and the Jack Attack, along with new specialty questions such as Funky Trash, Cookie’s Fortune Cookie Fortunes with Cookie “Fortune Cookie” Masterson, and "Elephant Mustard, Teddy Roosevelt, or Dracula?!" To succeed at YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, you've got to be smart and you've got to be quick. Are you up for the challenge?

doesn't work with VoiceOver at all and it's a real shame

Tried this game just before Christmas, and it is completely unusable with VoiceOver. It's really a shame too, since the pc version, in most respects is usable. I hope Jellyvision will add VoiceOver support to a future version.

actually no, you can still

actually no, you can still play this, you just gotta know where to tap it for stuff I've been able to get through an episode, I just didn't know what answer was what

to me that's not really what i'd call usable

i dunno, to me,tapping around not knowing what an answer is just doesn't work for me. I'd at least like to know where the choices are on the screen spoken in clear to understand language, and the ability to tap the right one. That'd make the game much more usable.

the answers always show up in

the answers always show up in a certain order and are always in the same places, we just have to figure out where everything is then we're good