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Hi everyone. I was thinking about the sound issue that some of us are having. I know it will be fixed, but when I was startled a minute ago by a mail coming in, I had this thought process. I don't think the sound is as loud as it could be and I think part of it is Voice Over's fault. Let me explain. When you have the change with buttons turned off, your sound set to 100%, you think everything's great. until you notice that now with the sound issue, the mail or text sound is extremely loud. as in, your sound wasn't that loud even with voice over on and it set to the maximum volume. I hope I am making this example clear enough for you. So, am I in the minority? If this is jumbled, I'm currently staring at my coffee so, excuse the strangeness that is I. I'm interested to hear your thoughts. :) Have a good one.


I never had that issue with

I never had that issue with 13.0 when I started testing it in august, and I don't think I had that with 13.1. I have change with volume buttons off, and voice over's volume at about 70 percent in the rotor. It sticks.

Thanks for the response

I know they will fix the issue, I'm just saying that I think the phone's sounds are louder if Voice over were to be disabled. Just my thought when an email comes in and i'm ya know. sleeping? :)

Possibly Audio Ducking?

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Hello Siobhan,

I'm guessing you've already accounted for this, but do you have Audio Ducking (Settings> Accessibility> VoiceOver> Audio) enabled? If so, this would cause the volume of other sounds to decrease when VoiceOver is speaking.