Zoom Follows Keyboard Focus issues in Mojave

Since the Mojave update Zoom follows keyboard focus is not functioning for many instances within Safari and other apps like Mail.

This is EXTREMELY unfortunate! I am writing this post in Notes and then pasting it into Safari because Zoom does not follow keyboard focus in the text entry on this very site.

Anyone else having this major issue? And any solutions? I’ve reached out to Apple Accessibility. But as usual there is NO RESPONSE, and much less ANY ACTION on their part.

Unfortunate INDEED!


This is a huge problem. I

This is a huge problem. I have many emails each day and when the cursor doesn't follow the test, I can't get work done. Can someone help? I don't know why there is such silence.

Never liked that feature

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My vision has gotten progressively worse over the years, and I am now exclusively a VoiceOver user, so I cannot speak for how the zoom feature works in Mojave. That said, when I had better vision and was using the zoom feature on my Mac, I had to disable the option to have zoom follow the keyboard focus, because it very frequently misbehaved. Even when composing an email or other document, I ended up moving the focus manually as I typed, which was better than the erratic behavior I got from the auto focusing.

Although I do like VoiceOver on the Mac, Apple’s low vision solutions aren’t nearly as good as they should be, at least with my experience. Usable, but primitive in execution. That said, I stopped using the zoom and higher contrast features a few years ago, so I can’t say how the functionality worked in recent versions of the OS.

Zoom Doesn't Follow Cursor

Any feedback on this issue? This is making it impossible to work. Even writing these comments is hard.

Last time I've used macOS

Last time I've used macOS this issue occurred. Do you know if there are progress on this with the last release?