A Blind Legend - Getting Started

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

In this guide, I will teach you the basics to getting started with A Blind Legend.
If this is your first time playing, you may be looking for a guide to get you started, on your way, and finish the game. Here are some things you need to know first:
1. Levels start out easy, but then start to get harder. Usually, the harder scenes occur at about Scene 10.
2. There will need to be files stored on your device to play. When you first download A Blind Legend, you will be asked to put on your headphones, choose the language of the files that will be downloaded, then it will download. This can take several minutes depending on your WiFi connection speed.
3. A Blind Legend, (as far as I know), can only be played on an Apple or an Android device.
Now let us get started!

To walk forward, slide your finger upwards on the screen. The farther your finger goes up on the screen, the faster you walk. If you only move your finger halfway up the screen, you will walk slowly.
To turn left or right, slide your finger left or right. The more your finger goes to the left, the faster you will turn left. The more your finger goes to the right, the faster you will go right.
To turn around, slide your finger left or right and hold it there. You will hear yourself turn in a full circle because the sound in your headphones will change.
To find Louise, tap once on the screen. She will say either to go right, left, straight ahead, or turn around.

Now, here comes the basics about fighting.
To draw your sword, double-tap on the screen. To put away your sword, double-tap again on the screen. Usually, Blake automatically draws and puts away his sword, but sometimes you will have to do it manually.
To use your sword, swipe left, right, or up depending on your enemy's location.
In fighting, what might also come in handy is your shield, and also doing a combo attack.
To block using your shield, use the zoom gesture by pinching in on the screen and holding your fingers pinched. Your shield can not overcome everything you'll be going through in A Blind Legend, but it's useful in battle.
To do a combo attack, pinch out when the enemy is just about to hit you, followed by swiping in the direction the enemy is located (in front, left, or right) a bunch of times. This can cause a lot of damage on a hard enemy.

Hope this guide helped you, now you should be on your way to completing A Blind Legend.


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