Getting started with Traveler's Quest

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

As I don't know how to create podcasts yet here is a basic guide on how to use and enjoy Traveler's Quest.

First it may be a good idea to contact the developer of this app thanking them for such an accessible app so hopefully it stays that way.

Once you have downloaded and opened the app and followed all the intro messages it is probably a good idea to find settings on the main app screen and flick right on that screen untill you find the map settings. I turned 3d map off and selected the standard map option. This helps you get a better idea of where the treasure is in relationship to where you are. While on the map screen your location is in the center of the screen. If you drag your finger over the map screen the buried treasures will say something like dig treasure. Double tapping on that will bring up some more info on that treasure which includes how far in miles the treasure is from you.

On the main screens you have five tabs on the bottom of the screen. They are as follows

This is where you get some tips and an overall view of how much gold and doubloons and treasure you have. There is an unlabeled button on the top center of the screen that will bring up similar info if double tapped plus a button to create a ship.

The tab to the right of home is the maps tab. This is where you find the maps you have either from detecting treasures or buying maps from the store. This screen can be a bit confusing at first but basicly depending on what upgrades you purchased it will say detect or road trip and then maps. The first detects any new maps and the second takes you to a screen with multiple options plus a list of maps you currently have. When you double tap on a map it will bring up some more info on the said map. If someone has found that treasure it will tell you and remove that map.

The third tab on the screen is the store tab where you can buy/sell treasures, buy maps, and buy upgrades. To navigate the upgrades swipe right or left with three fingers and it will take you to each upgrade screen. This is of course in the upgrades part of the store.
Yes some of these cost real cash but its worth it to me. Once you buy cash upgrades they go to the end of your list and don't get in the way.

The fourth tab is your treasure info page tab. It lists all your treasure and info associated with it. To navigate this screen simply flick three fingers right or left to see a new treasure.

The final tab is scores. This gives you info on how your doing.

How to make gold. Not sure yet totally. But I think from what I have read and experienced you get gold by burying treasure and hope no one digs it up for a while. Doubloons I know you buy them from the store with real cash. But I think you get them in game too.

Mainly the concept of this game is you literally go treasure hunting and hide treasure. The closer you are to a treasure the more reward you get for it when you dig it up.

If you get stuck flicking or touching the screen will help you get out of the stuck spot. So far I have not gotten stuck where I have had to close the app and reopened it. You simply need to keep yourself relaxed and see what is on the screen. Most of the time there is a back button on the screen your currently on. If its a dialog then simply double on ok once you find it and your fine.

One thing I have found is that if you leave one tab and visit another and come back to the previous tab you will be where you left off on that tab. Double tapping the specified tab won't clear that screen. But as I said the top left of the screen has a way to get back which is pretty standard.

I hope this guide helped to explain the app better and helps anyone to get started.


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Submitted by hamiltonthemusicallover on Saturday, September 23, 2017

Thank you for posting this guide, I have never heard of this game. I am downloading it and trying it now.

Submitted by Muhammad Saidinas on Saturday, September 23, 2017

Nice guide,
I am wondering though, Can I upgrade my dig range?, my mom doesn't allow me to walk so far away lol

Submitted by JLYN on Saturday, September 23, 2017

In reply to by Muhammad Saidinas

Unfortunately unless I’m missing something. You cannot update your dick range. However in my short time of playing this game I have gotten treasure without going anywhere just sat by simply continually getting new maps and such when I when they’re available.

On the home screen you have a bonus treasure button and I don’t know if this is right in relationship to actually paying a little bit of cash. Or if it updates every couple of hours whether you pay cash or not. But you can get a bonus map. And sometimes these bonus maps are within range of where you are. It really is just a you just have to figure out what maps you have and how far you can go. A lot of the maps I have are within walking distance of me where I don’t have to walk more than a mile away. But I just am not up to walking right now.
I am not sure if this helps you or not. I hope so.

Submitted by JLYN on Sunday, September 24, 2017

For those who can’t get out that far. What you can do is take your phone with you when you go somewhere in the car. And gather up treasures that way. You can also if you feel more secure go and buried treasures that way. So anyone looking for a treasures I don’t think they can detect where you live anyway. But just in case or you need that extra security. You can buried treasures like maybe let’s say you go to the store or something.

I am currently under the weather. But a Wentz I feel well plan on taking a walk and finding some more treasure that’s within walking distance. I’m really excited about this.

One correction I need to make on my guide. I don’t feel it’s worth actually editing the text itself. But the fifth tab is actually sort of a leader board type of tab. So it gives you who’s actually in the top places of the treasure hunting thing.

So you can try to see where you are in relationship to other people. I still don’t know everything about the game. I learn as I go which is what will happen with whoever decides to pick this game up. But I hope my guide helped people at least get over the rough spots enough to know what’s going on.
I don’t recall how I found this game. I make it out of habit of downloading free games from the today’s section on the App Store every day. Anything that’s free I download. And then I test accessibility. It could be that it came from this. Or it could be that I came from looking at the U mala also like these apps section on another app info page. I’m not sure.

But I would say yes it’s definitely a gemm. No it’s not Pokémon. Although the concept is similar. But it’s a way for people to sort of become active and sort of pretend I guess you could say like you’re playing Pokémon. As the main concept is for people to get around. I am not a fan of Pokémon anyway. But I think this game covers just about everything that does except for maybe killing and capturing or fighting monsters.
In mile pinion. Because this game has proven to be accessible. I don’t understand why someone has not come out with a similar game that is more Pokémon related for those people who like such things. And just leave out the on accessible parts. Unless it has to do with copyright and such like that.

Personally however. I think travelers quest is much better anyway. You’re hunting treasure rather than monsters. And who doesn’t like treasurer?

Submitted by Phillyloo on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

In reply to by JLYN

Hi! I've been playing this game for four years now, and I'm totally addicted. If you have any questions about it, I'd be glad to answer them, but let me also direct you to a FB page for players that you can join, where even more experienced players are very willing to assist: Players in the same area can trade treasures, and the page also has contests where you can win cannon balls - which award doubloons or upgrades of bury or detect level - or doubloons. As the name of this game states, it's for travelers - treasures are literally buried all over the world, so merely walking to treasures isn't going to get you much. I don't spent anywhere near as much time walking as I do in a car, which is why I MUCH prefer it to Pokemon Go. Chances are your phone is with you at all times, and you can be playing it at all times - except when you're driving, of course. I don't believe you can upgrade the radius in which you need to be in order to collect a treasure - it's 1.5 miles for everyone. But you can get an upgrade - under the "Store" button, "Purchase Upgrades", "Treasure Hunting Radius". This will show a red circle around a treasure. The closer you can get to it before collecting it, the more in-game gold you'll earn. It will turn green when you're within the 1.5 mile radius and can dig it up. If it's purple, it means that the treasure you're looking at was newly generated. Buy all maps you can afford, and bury everything you can, preferably where no one can get to it, because that's how you make in game money is by having stuff buried for as long as possible, and digging up other people's treasures to bury for yourself, or keep it towards your collections. BTW, in game gold is generated by buried treasures, other people buying maps to your treasures, etc. Doubloons are bought or given in contests. Always keep one of every treasure in every collection, lest you bury one and someone else claims it, which means you no longer have a complete collection. This is where vaults come in handy for organizing your treasures. A bonus treasure - could be a treasure itself, could be a map to one - is available every two hours, collectible through the "Bonus Treasure" button on the home page, and it has a countdown there to let you know how long before the next one is available. And you are the only one who can see that treasure for 30 days, then it becomes visible to everyone. Anyway, enjoy the game, and feel free to let me know if there's anything else I can help you with. Oh, btw, there's also a spreadsheet of players and their locations, to aid in trading, if you're interested. Phillyloo

Submitted by JeffB on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I like this game I just wish there was more direction on where to go to find buried treasure. I've been sticking to just looking for treasure when I go someplace new which works but it be nice to know where to walk to get closer to a treasure as colored rings don't help me and Voiceover doesn't read them. I made a ship called The Ffej just my name backwards that anyone is free to join. lol This is a fun game and I do I just wish I could go walk around outside knowing ahead of time which direction a treasure is in. Also do vaults do anything else other than storing them for you? Like what is the difference of having them in your vault vs having them in your inventory?