A Guide to Files - A File Manager and Web Browser

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Files was originally known as Downloads Lite. It is basically a file manager, with an in-app web browser kind of like Safari.

Uses of this app: • You can save articles or web pages to look at when you don't have a connection.

• Extract ZIP files and view documents such as the famous DOCX format, RTF (Rich Text Format), TXT, PDF, etc.

Quick Notes

This guide is split according to the app's tabs. For example, everything about the browsing tab is just discovered under the Browse tab heading. Same applies to the other tabs.

I will be referring a lot to this app as Files, so don't be mistaken that I'm talking about the Apple Files app.

I will also be referring to my iPhone's layout of the app, I am using this app with my iPhone 6S.

Browse Tab

This is your starting point when you open the app. You will start at the Browse tab, and it is mostly layed out like Safari.

You can change layouts between Mobile Safari and Firefox in the Settings tab (see Settings tab heading for more information).


All the controls such as Back, Forward, Bookmarks, and Tabs, are listed at the bottom of the screen. The web pages take up mostly the top and middle half of the screen.

You may also see a dimmed button at the top. I don't know what it does, but what I think it is, is to make iPads have the ability to switch between full screen and default. But don't take my word for it.

Also, to the left of the Back button, you will find an unlabeled button, which pulls up the address bar. Next to it, kind of like Safari, a Google Search heading will pop up, if you have your search engine on Google.


You can download images by double tapping and holding on the image with one finger kind of like Safari.

Usually, if you want to download a document, or zip file, an automatic download dialog will appear.

Downloads Tab

The Downloads tab shows you information and the status of your downloads in progress at that moment.

Things it might say:

• Size out of size downloaded (Ex: 383 MB of 1 GB downloaded).

• Number of kb/sec

• Generic progress (Ex: 38%).

You can easily clear all downloads by selecting the Clear button.

You can also add downloads by selecting the Add button and typing in the download URL. This can be useful for saving articles to read later, downloading files faster than having to access the website, etc.

Files Tab

This is the file manager area. Once files are downloaded, they are moved from the Downloads tab into the Files tab.

Selecting the Edit button will let you select files deletion, moving, etc.

WARNING! Be careful, unfortunately VoiceOver doesn't say what file you have selected. You will have to remember the files you have selected if you are using the delete feature, otherwise, byeeeeee! LOL

More Info

The More Info button is next to each file, and with this button you can open the file in another app, or you can rename it with the edit button.


As mentioned above, you can delete by hitting Edit, selecting the files wanted, and hit the Delete button.

Alternatively, you can use the Rotor, select Actions, and swipe down to switch to Delete.

Then double tap to perform the action.

This can work easier, so then you at least know what files you are deleting. Unfortunately, the Delete action is the one available. You cannot move or rename or copy files with the Rotor.

Settings Tab

There are a bunch of Settings here that you can change to your liking.

Passcode Lock

Yup. Just perfect. You can passcode lock the app to keep people out.

This could be useful if you want private information, well, private.

Search Engine

You have a few search engines to choose from, ranging from:

• Google (Default)

• Bing

• Yahoo

and I believe so others.


You can change your home page to anything, you could even change it to AppleVis if you wanted.

Conclusion? Too Boring. Lets Call it The Bottom Heading

Well, I hope this app helps you out.

Apart from it being mostly accessible, it's usable.

If you want to contact me, you can shoot me an e-mail. Thanks for reading!


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