A Guide to Wifi Cheetah for iOS

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Wifi Cheetah is a tool that allows you to speed up your wifi's connection. This is done by blocking annoying ads, removing unnecessary banners/unnec areas, and channeling it through their servers rather than the main one.

Wifi Cheetah is free to download from the app store. GET

Launching the App

When you launch the app, a welcome screen will be displayed. Keep hitting next to the welcome screen disappears, and a tutorial will be displayed. NOTE: This is where the app gets a bit bad with VO, so follow the following steps carefully.

Find the beginning of the tutorial, saying I'm Robinson etc etc. Now move to the next page with a three finger swipe left.

Flick left to read the next set of text. Copy the link you hear to your clipboard by double tapping the button. Now, do another three finger swipe left.

NOW, use Vertical Nav, swipe down and find more text, displaying how to configure the app with your WiFi settings. Do another three finger swipe when you are you to move on.

Two last pages. You can find them both with Vertical Nav or a flick left if possible.

Can You just Give me the Instructions?

Yes, I can. Here are the steps if you just can't get the VO thing to work.

Before proceeding, copy this following link to your clipboard.


  1. Open the Settings app, and select WiFi. Making sure you are connected to a network, hit More Info on the network you are connected to.
  2. Scroll all the way down till you hear HTTP proxy. In the section, find configure proxy. It should say off. Double tap it and set it to automatic.
  3. A URL box will appear. Paste the given link above in the text field, and hit the back button.
  4. Repeat the above steps if you have more than one wifi network to set up.

The More Info Button in the Wifi Cheetah App

By pressing the more info button in the app, you can view how much has been blocked, send feedback etc.

NOTE: want to disable Wifi Cheetah, simply remove the link from the text box under Settings)Wi-fi)More info)Http proxy)Configure Proxy)off or delete link before turning off.

You can also pause Wifi Cheetah by pressing the more info button in the app, then selecting pause WiFi cheetah. This will temporarily stop the http proxy, but won't change the settings. Think of it like pausing a video.


This was a short guide because of the smallness of the app, if you think I missed something, let me know.

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