Jawbone Jambox - getting started.


This guide has been archived, as it is likely to be out of date for most users and use cases.

The following describes the layout and functions of the Jawbone Jambox bluetooth speakers, popularly used with iOs devices, in short summary form.

Jawbone Jambox Mini:

I have a Mini and so far, I find the buttons on the top:- a Plus which is vol up, a Dash which is vol down; and a round one that does status, and can answer and hangup calls if you're in conference or speaker mode through it.

On the end along one side of the JB-Mini:- from the top, a slider which slides up for on, down for off; and a mechanical switch is good for this to save power.
Then it's the 3mm aux or line-in jack, then a micro-usb socket for charging and firmware upgrade when necessary.

Some of the functions talk or make encouraging noises to show it's working, like it makes a great grunt and squeak as you put it on, and a decending burble when you put it off. Pressing the round button on the top will announce battery status if you have a source connected, or will tell you jambox is ready and waiting for device to connect.

To force pairing, that slider power switch actually has three positions: down is off, middle is on, and a spring-loaded up to get into pairing.
To force pairing, hold the power key in the up position until it
notifies you it is in pairing mode.

Also when the speaker is on you can press and hold for a second or two, all three top buttons for a short demo of various sounds and speaker phone.

Big Jambox:

A much bigger device with a few more buttons; but the same range of functions achieved by much the same means.

On the Top:
+ for vol up,
- for vol down,
Arrows to skip forward and back,
then the round status/answer/hangup/siri button.

On the End: From the top down one edge;

The flush on/off button you press and hold a couple of seconds until you hear the sound,
the protruding pairing button you have to press and hold until pairing is announced,
3mm aux/line-in,
Micro-usb for firmware updates only,
Then the power input for charging from a supplied AC charger.


As with the Mini:-

Pressing the round button on top wil - announce battery level if a source device is connected, or announce jambox ready, waiting for device to connect.

Pressing the 3 original keys - +, -, and the round one all at once, will make Jambox go through a demo routine.
The skip forward, skip back arrow keys, and the play/pause button; all feed back to the iOs device to control these functions on the sound player.

These are the facts as I know them, they're enough to get the most out of your device.



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