Pairing the iPhone 4 with the Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard


This guide has been archived, as it is likely to be out of date for most users and use cases.
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The Freedom Pro Bluetooth keyboard from Freedom Input may be used as an alternative to the touch screen for typing text. This can be particularly helpful for performing text entry tasks such as taking notes and writing e-mail. As of June 28, Freedom Input has not provided instructions for connecting the keyboard to the iPhone in its knowledge base or manuals. This document provides those instructions in a format that is especially useful for blind people. The gestures and instructions in this document assume VoiceOver is enabled. Preparing the Keyboard Follow these steps to prepare the keyboard for use: 1. Place the keyboard on a desk or other hard surface and orient it so that the rough plastic end is to the left and the rectangular raised button is to the right. 2. Press in on the button to release the keyboard and open it to its full size. 3. Locate the hinge on the top of the keyboard near its middle. 4. Locate the indented lever to the left of the hinge and pull it to the right using a fingernail. This keeps the keyboard open during use. Move the lever back to the left before folding the keyboard. 5. Locate the raised, round, vertical battery cover at the far left end of the keyboard. 6. Pull the top half of the battery cover forward and up until it has been removed. 7. Insert two AAA batteries flat-end-first. 8. Replace the battery cover. Pairing the Keyboard with the iPhone Follow these steps to pair your keyboard with the iPod Touch or iPhone: 1. Disconnect the iPhone from the data cable so it is not docked or plugged into the battery charger or computer. 2. Turn on your iPhone. 3. Tap the Home button. 4. Double tap Settings. 5. Double tap General. 6. Double tap Bluetooth. 7. Move to the Bluetooth button and make sure it says “on.” If not, double tap the button to change its status. The iPhone will start searching for available Bluetooth devices. 8. On the keyboard, locate the two slide switches near the lower left-hand corner. 9. Move the top switch to the right to select HID (Human Interface Device) mode. 10. Move the bottom switch to the left to turn on the keyboard. Move it back to the right anytime you won’t be needing to use the keyboard. 11. Locate a small hole immediately above the two slide switches. 12. Using a pen or stylus, press and hold the button in the reset hole for four to five seconds. This makes the keyboard discoverable so it can be paired with the phone. 13. Flick left or right around the Bluetooth screen on the iPhone until you find the Freedom Pro Keyboard button. 14. Double tap the button to start the pairing process. 15. Listen carefully to VoiceOver until you hear four numbers. Remember these numbers. 16. Enter the numbers you heard on the keyboard and press the enter key. 17. VoiceOver should say the keyboard has been paired. Double tap the OK button. Now that the keyboard has been paired successfully, you can use it to type in apps such as Mail and Notes. Simply locate Mail or Notes on the Home screen, double tap and start using the Freedom Pro keyboard anywhere you would normally have to use the on-screen keyboard. Major thanks go to Jon, a technical support representative with Freedom Input, for his patience and thorough assistance with the Bluetooth pairing process on the keyboard. Follow this link for the original article:



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Is this keyboard still considered a top choice keyboard solution

Hello, I noticed that this article was written about 6 months ago. Is the Freedom Pro Bluetooth keyboard still considered one of the best bluetooth keyboard solutions for the Iphone 4? Also, does this keyboard have the option, control, and command keys? Thanks, Mike

Keyboard curren-cy

Mike, I bought this keyboard for my BlackBerry Torch 9800 in Sept 2010. I have just purchased (in July) an iPhone 4S and REALLY didn't want to have to purchase yet ANOTHER keyboard for my newest smartphone--I seem to have to buy a new one every 2-3 years because they just don't work with the newer phones. Anyway, I was online researching the compatibility of this keyboard with the iPhone/iPads, since I'd like to get one of those later this year and don't want to have to purchase TWO separate keyboards. There is a NEW version of the Freedom Pro Keyboard that includes the drivers for the iPhone 4/4S/iPad(s), and there's the one made by Verbatim--it is physically IDENTICAL based on the photos I found online to the Freedom Pro, except it's WHITE and has Verbatim stamped on the keyboard cover vs. Freedom Pro (mine is BLACK). I don't know if the Apple Command, Control and Option keys are present on the newer Verbatim keyboard or on the new Freedom Pro keyboard, which would make it more Apple user-friendly. I used the attached article to figure out how to make my current keyboard pair with my iPhone and IT WORKED! I AM SO STOKED!!! The code it spoke to me and put out on the screen (it wouldn't do this without Voice Over being activated!!), is 0933. VOICE OVER works almost too well! I had to open up the iPhone user manual to figure out how to turn it off again, since it was interfering with using the keyboard itself. I feel a little bad for utilizing a function created for those who have diminished vision, but I'm glad it's there!


I followed most of the directions above and got it to pair almost instantly. I DID NOT (have to) USE VoiceOver. The key appeared on the screen and I entered with the keyboard as directed. Once I did that, it was completed! YAY! Now my husband can use the keyboard for his Mini!