Can I post information to the AppleVis website about crowd-funding campaigns?

Yes, but there are two conditions that any post must satisfy:

  1. The campaign must be for a product that falls within the scope of AppleVis.
  2. The product must have specific interest and value to blind or low vision users. As examples, AppleVis would not be an appropriate place to promote or discuss a campaign to fund the manufacture of a keyboard or speaker that offers no specific or added value to a blind or low vision user. However, an audio game is likely to offer specific interest and value; as would an application for macOS or iOS which specifically promises VoiceOver support.

We reserve the right to remove any post which does not satisfy these two conditions.

If you are unsure whether the campaign that you wish to discuss meets these two conditions, please contact us before posting to the site.

Please note that seeing a crowd-funding campaign mentioned on AppleVis does not mean that it is endorsed by AppleVis or members of the AppleVis Editorial Team. If you are considering backing a campaign, you should carry out your own due diligence beforehand and make an informed decision. AppleVis will accept no responsibility for any losses which may occur from backing a campaign which fails to deliver a product after being funded.