I have developed an app that is accessible, how do I get it added to the App Directory?

We are thrilled when developers engage with our community. However, one thing that we do not permit is for developers to submit their own apps to the site's App Directories.

These areas of the site are for VoiceOver users to share their experiences of the accessibility of an app. With the best will in the world, a developer's perspective on the accessibility of their own app is not going to be impartial. Unfortunately, there are also many developers who are simply unaware of VoiceOver, and hence have no appreciation of why it matters so much to the users of this site. Despite this, they will often try to submit their apps directly to the App Directory, making claims which are false and misleading.

Naturally, once an app has been submitted to the App Directory by one of our community, developers are more than welcome to reply to comments made in that entry or to submit additional information.

If your app isn't currently listed in the App Directory, and you think that it would be of interest to our community, you are welcome to post a message to the site's forum telling us about the app. Please bear in mind that the main thing that people will want to know is whether the app is accessible with VoiceOver. If it is not, and you have no intention of correcting this, then your post will have no benefit to your or our community. In these cases it is likely that the post will be removed.

When posting to the forum, you might ask anybody who tries the app to submit it to the App Directory. In the case of a paid app, you might consider offering a few promo codes.

If you have any questions, please contact us.