I have developed an app that is accessible, how do I get it added to the App Directory?

We at AppleVis appreciate the enthusiasm and commitment shown by app developers in engaging with our community. However, we have a strict policy that prohibits developers from submitting their own apps to our App Directory. This is because the App Directory is intended for VoiceOver users to share their independent experiences and assessments of the accessibility of various apps.

We understand that developers have a personal connection to their own creations and are often highly invested in their accessibility. However, their perspective is not necessarily impartial, and they may not fully comprehend the importance of VoiceOver for our community.

In the case of an already submitted app, developers are more than welcome to provide additional information and respond to comments left by our users. If your app is not currently listed in the App Directory and you believe it would be of interest to our community, we encourage you to post about it in our forum. When posting, keep in mind that users will primarily want to know about the app's accessibility with VoiceOver. If the app is not accessible or you have no plans to make it accessible, your post may not be beneficial to either you or our community and may be removed.

If you have a paid app, consider offering a few promo codes to incentivize users to try it out and provide feedback. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.