What should I say about the accessibility of an app when submitting it to the App Directory?

When submitting an app to the AppleVis App Directory, it's important to provide detailed and informative information about its accessibility features and challenges. Simply stating "this app is accessible" or "this app is not accessible" is not sufficient as it does not give other users a clear understanding of the accessibility of the app.

To provide the most helpful information, consider what you would like to know about an app's accessibility when browsing the App Directory. For example, you can mention the accessibility features that are supported by the app. If the app has any accessibility challenges, be specific about the nature of the problems and provide examples, if possible. This will give other users a better idea of the app's accessibility and whether they will be able to use it comfortably.

Ultimately, the goal is to provide a comprehensive and accurate description of the app's accessibility, so that other users can make informed decisions about whether they would like to use the app or not.