Beginners’ Guide to the iPhone: Exploring the iOS Storage and iCloud Settings

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In this episode of his introductory series, Thomas Domville discusses and explores the Storage and iCloud settings in iOS.

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#1 ""Glitch"

The announcement of 15 percent progress is not a glitch or bug as you suggest. It represents the percentage of your total iCloud space that you are currently using. In your case, you have used 15 percent of your 5GB allotment.

#2 Current iCloud Percent

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Thank you! I learn something new today and thank you for letting me that this is not a glitch but rather the percent used for of the iCloud space. Very helpful. :(

#3 Fair is Fair

Hey, one good turn deserves another. Keep up the good work.

#4 Apps are not showing up in iCloud's manage storage settings

Great podcast.
As the subject states, my apps don't show up in the iCloud manage storage area. I see the "backups heading" and the list of devices but no "Documents and data."
I don't know why the apps are not showing up. This happens on both, an iPhone six and iPod Touch. Any ideas as to why this is happening?
Thanks in advance for the help