A Demonstration of Crafting Kingdom

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In this podcast, William Lomas demonstrates Crafting Kingdom, an iOS game that has recently become popular among many in the blind community.

The following description is quoted from the app store:

Every empire starts small!

Build production sites, and start crafting resources. Harvest logs, coal, iron and many other goods. Then craft them into more valuable items and sell them on the market! Complete quests, build your own estate, and become the richest merchant in all of Crafting Kingdom!

Crafting Kingdom is a lovingly crafted (pun intended!) idle crafting game with a huge amount of goods to produce, complex production chains and plenty of quests for you to complete.

  • Buy production sites
  • Build complex production chains
  • Complete quests and get powerful rewards
  • Expand your storage facilities
  • Build you very own estate
  • Endless hours of fun. How much money can you make?

Note to our visually impaired players: This game is fully accessible with VoiceOver. Should the accessibility mode not turn on automatically, you can enable it by tapping on the screen three times with three fingers. Have fun!

End Quote

This game works with iOS 8 or above.

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good pod cast.

very good explanation of the game and how it works. this game is indeed fantastic and a lot of fun to play.