A Demonstration of KNFBReader for iPhone

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In this podcast, Michael Hansen gives us a walk-through and demonstration of KNFBReader, an app which allows blind or print-disabled users accurate and efficient access to printed text.

Some of KNFBReader's features include:

  • Fast, accurate, and efficient mobile text recognition that delivers near instantaneous results. 
  • Reading modes for books, articles and labels, bills and memos. 
  • Synchronized text highlighting with high quality speech and Braille output. 
  • Field of view report to assist with aligning the camera relative to the document. 
  • Tilt guidance feature to assist with capturing the perfect picture of a document. 
  • Automatic text detection to enable hands-free operation. 
  • Ability to import, OCR, and read image-based pdf and jpg files
  • Export txt and html formatted text files to cloud storage services including Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Batch scan mode to process and read multiple pages. 
  • Recognize and read text in multiple languages; please visit our website for details.
  • Additional features including language translation, text editing, and more coming soon.

KNFBReader is currently a $99 download in the App Store.

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#1 Thanks for giving such a

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Thanks for giving such a great demonstration of the KnfbReader app. You have given me hope that I should be able to use it effectively. I also struggle !hold my phone level and position it well for taking pictures. It's too bad that I and everyone else have wasted time and money on other OCR apps. I noticed that the PDF file you had recognized seemed to have jumbled text. I would like to get the app for recognizing PDF files that I so frequently receive for my college courses. Does turning the multiple column setting on fix jumbled or out of order text? Also, how effective is Knfb Reader at scanning large PDF files of several hundred pages? It's amazing that you have time to do college and be a member of the AppleVis team. If you don't mind, I would like to ask what accessibility tools you use for taking Math courses (i.e., Braille Nemeth code books, the iPhone, etc). I can write to you off list so that we don't stray from the current topic. I was one of the few people who got the iPhone in 2009 when it came out before AppleVis existed. It is wonderful that you and so many other people eventually overcame "touch screen phobia" to get the iPhone and start AppleVis, which has been such a wonderful resource. Sadly, many blind and low vision people I have come across do not know about AppleVis. Thanks for all of the great work that you and the AppleVis team do and for putting together informative podcasts.

#2 Exporting Files

Thanks for such a comprehensive explanation of this awesome app. Maybe someone can tell me what I am doing wrong when it comes to exporting files. I scanned a document, and created a text file to export to Dropbox. I went through the steps to put the file in Dropbox, but it isn't there. What step am I missing? Thanks.