Heathcote for iOS: Scary Stories are Best Told in the Dark

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In this podcast, Tunmi introduces us to Heathcote, a free audio-only adventure for iOS that places you in the roles of intrepid reporters David and Martin.

Sixty years ago, a mysterious fire raged through Heathcote asylum, killing all 89 residents and staff. Now, jaded investigators David and Martin return to the site and discover to their horror that the terror might not be over.

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Well done. It be nice if you indicate the price or if is free.


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It is a free game. However, please do post an app store entry.

Great job Tunmi

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Many thanks for this great demonstration. Things were clear in the podcast. I am about to download the game on my iPhone 6S Plus and find more about the game.
Good luck. :)

I've downloaded the game myself

Hi! After hearing the podcast, I was curious to find out how the story continues, so I have already downloaded this game. I'll hopefully soon have the chance to play it, but I'm not sure when, with life getting busy at this time of year: I am pretty sure I'll enjoy the game when I settle down to it.

It is a short

It is a short game, but always fun to replay. Like I said, their are many possible endings. I've posted the app on to the iOS App Directory.

Lots of fun

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I played it on the train going home yesterday, but I think I will enjoy it more when I play it in a quiet place, preferably with a rainstorm in the background.

Thanks to Khalfan I

Thanks to Khalfan I was able to make a good podcast. If not for Khalfan I would've been left in the dark lol.

We'd love to hear your feedback!

App Developer

As a member of the Heathcote development team, can I give my very grateful thanks to Tunmi for devoting a podcast episode to our first game. We’re really flattered to be receiving attention from the blind and low-vision community, and we really hope you enjoyed playing Heathcote as much as we enjoyed making it!

As the interface designer and programmer for the game, listening to the podcast was a revelation for me: the first exposure I’d had into how some of the iOS accessibility features work. Heathcote was originally written to be playable with your eyes closed, and although that makes it well-suited for the blind and low-vision community, the podcast has taught me that we need to do more to hook into Apple’s accessibility features to make the onboarding and navigation easier, for future titles as well as Heathcote.

I’d really like to reach out to members of this community and hear your thoughts on Heathcote and what we can do to make the experience as good as it could possibly be (and not just on interface navigation!). Hopefully we’ll be keeping you entertained with more great titles in the future!


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Re: We'd love to hear your feedback!

Thanks Mike for developing this game. Please do make more audiogames, especially other games that are accessible. Maybe more combat or maze audiogames would be good!
Good luck Mike! :)

something else that would be nice

Yours was the very first comment after the article. It would have been nice if you had read what you replied to. The very first thing mentioned was that it is a free app. Please try to pay attention in the future. Thanks.

hey, Tumni

You would been in the dark?? Now, this is scary! Here you are, a blind person, about to embark on a spooky adventure, and you find yourself in the dark?? All I can say is, mwah! ah! ah! ah! ah! Pleasant? dreams?? You made a good podcast, and I hope you keep up the good work.

Thanks and sorry

Thanks and sorry Charles. I had to get started with the podcast a little quicker, otherwise I would of been talking about the game for 5 minutes and then the podcast would be even longer! lol
But yes, the app is free with no ads or purchases.