Apple Watch 101: Making And Receiving Calls On The Watch

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In this episode of his series of podcasts looking at the Apple Watch, David Woodbridge demonstrates how to make and receive calls on the Watch.

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Submitted by Megan on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hello David,
thank you as always for the amazing podcasts! As a result I will know exactly how to continue when my watch shows up tomorrow. I have one question: does magic tap--two-finger double tap--work at all on the watch other than for changing the volume? I use this gesture quite frequently on my iPhone and feel like I'm going to have a hard time remembering not to.

Submitted by Tree on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I believe that the magic tap will end a phone call in progress. It will also pause music being played from the watch. I have not tested the music feature, because I have not loaded music onto my watch yet. You can use the now playing glance, or the remote app on the watch to pause music that is playing on another device, but doing a magic tap on the watch will not pause such music.

As you said, doing a two finger tap is primarily for adjusting the volume of voice over on the watch. Keep in mind that this is done by a two finger double tap and hold, followed by dragging your fingers either up or down.

Submitted by Megan on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Thank you so much for the info Tree! You are always a great source of insight and knowledge! :)
I was super hoping magic Tap would work at least partly, because it just seems so counterintuitive to remove it.

Submitted by Megan on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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I know you were in on the discussion about discretely telling time. Do you find the volume of the watch to be a problem when you are out, or is it fairly OK? From my admittedly brief play in the Apple store, I don't feel like it will be too terribly much of an issue, but also it was super loud in there so I didn't get to test how it will be in a quiet place.
I'm also wondering about alarms. Have you tried them on the watch? How do they work/ I would love to see a podcast on this, as I'm wondering if they would be loud or powerful enough to wake me up if my watch is chilling on its charger right above my head. Thanks to all who have already gotten their watches and who have given the rest of us feedback in the comments!