Enjoy Fast, Clutter-free Web Browsing in Safari on iOS 9 with Purify Blocker

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

In this podcast, Thomas Domville gives us a walk-through and demonstration of Purify Blocker: Fast, Clutter-free Web Browsing in Safari.

Purify is a content blocker for Safari on iOS 9 that blocks ads, tracking, and more. Purify's engine is professionally hand-crafted to optimize your browsing experience. With free regular updates, all users receive the best and latest of Purify.

  • Instantly make your browsing up to 2x faster
  • Reduce your data consumption on Cellular & Wi-Fi by up to 50%
  • Browse the web clutter-free — restore precious screen space taken up by junk
  • Ultimate privacy: Purify never intercepts or sees any of your traffic

Purify Blocker is a US$3.99 download from the iTunes App Store

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