NaadSadhana: Tune, Synthesise and Create Indian Classical Music on iOS With the Assistance of Artificial Intelligence

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

In this podcast, Kushal Solanki gives us a walk-through and demonstration of NaadSadhana, an artificial Intelligence music app for iOS that helps Indian Classical musicians tune, synthesise and create music.

Key features:

  • NaadSadhana will create and play music automatically as you sing or play, on 10 Instruments, 8 Genres, using artificial intelligence.
  • NaadSadhana records your music at studio quality, in full multi-track sessions.
  • Everything you need for the perfect practice session is absolutely FREE
  • NaadSadhana guides your notes and tempo using visual-biofeedback. Tanpuras, Surpeti, Precision Tuner with 3 levels, Score and Statistics, Metronome, Beat Gauge, 5 Octave Keyboard, 136+ Ragas/Scales, and much more.