Organize Your Life and Get Things Done With OmniFocus 2 for iOS

Submitted by AppleVis on Thursday, July 23, 2015

In this podcast, Tom Dekker gives us a walk-through and demonstration of OmniFocus 2, a powerful iOS app that brings the in-depth task management features of a desktop app to your fingertips.

With flexible viewing options, location awareness, and on-the-fly task entry from just about anywhere, OmniFocus can help you manage everything in your busy life. Keep track of tasks by project, place, person, or date—with OmniFocus you’ll always have your important information at hand. Whether it’s a shopping list, agenda items to discuss at work, or chores to do at home, whatever you need to do is right there on your iPhone or iPad.

OmniFocus' interface was designed from scratch for iOS and organized around your data—your stuff—to make it easier and more natural for you to quickly get ideas into and out of the app. It's powerful enough to use on its own, and syncs through the cloud with your other devices running OmniFocus (also available for Mac but read its entry on AppleVis for details of possible accessibility issues). Syncs even happen when you’re not actively using OmniFocus, so that your information is ready when you are.

OmniFocus 2 for iOS is a US$39.99 download from the iTunes App Store

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