An Overview and Demonstration of Blindfold Air Hockey for iOS

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In this podcast, David Woodbridge gives us an overview and quick demonstration of Blindfold Air Hockey, a free audio game for iOS.

In Blindfold Air Hockey, you have a mallet or paddle, and there's a puck on the playing table. To start the game, hit the puck swiping your finger. The puck heads towards your opponent's goal, where they knock it back to you, bouncing off of the walls as it gets closer to your goal. You block their shot, and fire the puck back at their goal. The first player to score 7 goals wins the game.

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Submitted by venova on Monday, October 8, 2018

I found this game a while ago and love it and you have showed me lots of techniques to play this game bexcause I didn't flick wich usually lead me to get the puck in my goal wich wasn't good. Well, you lost that game, but still. :-) I loved when you had to do sudden with 3 to 3.

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