Quick Tip: Three Examples of Where a Double-Tap and Hold can Make your use of iOS more Efficient and Productive

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

In this short podcast, Graham Langford shares three quick tips on where you can use a 1-finger double-tap and hold (also known as a “long-press”) to be more efficient and productive on iOS.

  1. Quickly access draft emails in the iOS Mail app with a “long-press” on the Compose button.
  2. Quickly archive an email message with a “long-press” on the Delete button.
  3. “Long-press” on the Delete key on the iOS keyboard to delete text faster - in some instances, the speed will increase incrementally with the amount of time you are holding the key.

Please post a comment to share your own tips on where “hidden” iOS features such as these make you more efficient and productive.