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After comparing this with my Trekz Titanium, I can say that this successor to the Trekz Titanium is definitely their best model yet. It's lighter, runs on Bluetooth 4.2, and sounds better.

No More Plastic

In order to make the unit lighter, Aftershokz have completely done away with the plastic part of the frame, making the only plastic the electronics on the sides. The form factor is almost identical to the Trekz Titanium, except for the fact that it is 20% lighter, has a complete titanium frame, and has the headphones curving up a little. This makes for a slight downward curve in the frame, which at first may seem awkward, but that will make it fit more easily with smart-glasses, for example.

Richer Sound

To be honest, I thought the Trekz Titanium sounded pretty impressive. But the Trekz Air sound noticeably better, with a bit more base and less clipping at louder volumes. The microphones are also improved while on a call, so that should mean less muffled sound coming across the line.

The Bad

The only bad part is that the battery is still the same 6 hour battery from the previous unit. Actually on second thought, it's pretty impressive that they were able to pull that off with this lighter model, considering the fact they did need to use a smaller battery. They went for a smaller yet more power-efficient battery, which managed to be able to last 6 hours, so that is definitely not a strike against them.


I would highly recommend these headphones if you're looking for a comfortable pair of headphones that sound good, allow you to hear the world around you, and are durable, then look no further than the Trekz Air.

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Submitted by nohansa nuh on Sunday, September 30, 2018

hy, what the different of sound quality of blues2S and trekz air?
thanks, sorry for my language.

Submitted by jack on Sunday, September 30, 2018

The blues2s wasn't actually the variant right before the Trekz Air. The first titanium variant was, well, the Trekz Titanium, and it sounded pretty impressive. The Trekz Air have a richer sound yet are lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Submitted by nohansa nuh on Monday, October 1, 2018

thanks for the answer, I like to upgrate my aftershokz blues2s to trekz air next time.

because my blues2s starting to brake down.

Submitted by Lenthino on Monday, October 1, 2018

I have been using the Trekz Air for more than six month by now. I have never owned a Aftershocz before. I like the headset. It is wonderful for long working days with speech output.

The call Quality is very bad though. The reviewer speaks from less "muddled". I do not use the Trekz Air for calls, simply because it is hard to understand your otherside. It does not have the clear and crisp sound of the Ipods, Airpods or other headsets.

The travelling bag that comes with the Trekz Air pulls dust and dirt like a powerfull Vacuum cleaner.

The soundlevels are good for office or at home. The soundlevels are not high enough in big crowds, train station, on sailing boats with a lot of wind, in concerts etc.

Screenreader speech output is though excellent. You can wear the Trekz air the hole day without any discomfort.

The Trekz Air are wonderfull for office, but are useless for calls and noisy surroundings.

Submitted by nohansa nuh on Monday, October 1, 2018

thanks four the review

I really like aftershokz headphone
usually in louder volume

Submitted by slj on Monday, October 1, 2018

I know a lot of people who have different versions of the headset, and they really like it. But they don't understand it's very difficult to hear what they are saying in calls. I don't get out from the comments if the call quality has been improved, or if it's the older models you are talking about?

Submitted by jack on Monday, October 1, 2018

The TRekz Air currently retail for $150 from the Aftershokz website. AS for call quality, I know someone was comparing these to airpods. Do remember that the airpods are using a proprietary w1 driver, so are probably not confined to the same problems that Bluetooth audio has. These use bluetooth 4.2, which is one step below 5.0. I don't think enough devices are using 5.0 yet, not that that doesn't mean it wouldn't work with bluetooth 4, but my guess is that they waited until that investment could yield a greater return. That being said I will say that call quality is probably not entirely the fault of the Aftershokz, understand that Bluetooth audio passthrough is pretty pathetic at this point in time, and has a long way to go. Indeed, I will say the HookVerse was probably way ahead of its time, and the problems exhibited by that thing were probably half the fault of Bluetooth audio in general just not being ready for that heavy-duty. That being said I have used bluetooth speakers that have better call quality overall, but they have bigger mics and probably bigger and faster antennas.

Submitted by Kerby on Monday, October 1, 2018

I just bought a pair and I really like them and I have found that I can hear phone calls just fine. They are probably the most comfortable headphones I have ever had. I got mine from AT Guys

Submitted by jack on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Call quality on my end is excellent with the Trekz Air. It worked while on the train, and the bus with loud ac put it to the task today. I had to talk a little louder because of the AC, but I will still heard very clearly. So anyone who is still getting bad call quality must either have a defective unit, just happen to hit cellular congestion while on the call, or it's something with how the Bluetooth audio codec handles call audio.

Submitted by slj on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Thanks for the comments regarding the call quality. I'll let people know about this big improvement.

Submitted by nohansa nuh on Saturday, November 24, 2018

hy, I just got A pair of aftershokz trekz air,
it isverry awesome...
thankz after all for the review.

Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Thursday, June 13, 2019


Got mine today, in multipoint mode and got them linked to my macbook air 2018 and iphone 7 1922... OR wheneever it was released. Switching from phone to computer seems to happen almost immediately, going the other way it seems to take an age... Is anyone else getting something similar? Is it something to do with the older bluetooth protocol used by my iphone 7? A little annoying as I'm sure you understand.

Also, envoking siri on the aftershockz seems a bit hit and miss.. Again, this might be iphone 7 based but I'd hope not.