Bose SoundLink® Air Digital Music System

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The bose sound link air looks like the sounddock but with no dock. The battery for the portible sounddock actually is the same one the bose air uses. I like the feel of it, because on the top where the lights are it's a smooth finish. Getting the Bose air on your network is a breeze. On your Iphone under Wifi choose bose air and type in in the browzer. It will take you to the bose set up page where you can find your wireless connection and type in your password. Once connected your going to find the airplay button and choose bose air, and then music will be played through the system. It sounds great I love airplay because voiceover stays on the phone, so i can use flexi or other apps and not have them covering my music. Also apps such as tune in radio do not skip anymore while navigating the phone while using airplay. The bose air also has a 3.5 audio in jack on the back. The remote is how you controll the unit to do a lot of cool stuff. If you press and hold the mute button for example for 10 seconds it will search for an update if there is one it will download it and install it automatically. It will make tones when connected wirelessly its the same tone that is in the bose soundlink bluetooth. I like airplay more, mainly do to voiceover, and how it works. I'd give this 4 stars, because the only real issue is I wish it used n wireless. For a device that costs $350 I feel they went cheap on b and g only.

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