Denon Envaya DSB-250-BT Bluetooth Speaker: Great Sound from Japan


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I needed a new Speaker for me and my family. A few years ago I heard about the Denon Envaya Mini and its great performance but I never got one. Finding out that Denon released last year a new array of products I didn't think twice and bought the bigger one, the DSB-250-BT.

Package Contents

In the box wi find the speaker itself, a charging Micro -USB cable, a small cord to attach it to a backpack or whatever you like, and the manual in various languages. There is no AC adapter so we must use our own, 5V 2.5A maximum.

The Speaker

The speaker has a kind of trapezoid prism shape. You can use it in both vertical or horizontal, being the last position to enjoy its stereo separation. The body is covered with a fabric like material, and have four small legs to place it horizontally, and the two sides have silicone to safely place it on scratchy or wet surfaces.

The controls are perfectly marked on one of the siliconed sides. In the center we have the Power button, long pressing we will turn on or off the device, giving us four ascending or descending notes to notify the action. The rest of the buttons are the volume up and down, marked with a plus and a minus sign respectively, and the Bluetooth and call/siri button.

One thing I don't like is the strength you need to press the buttons, they're really hard. Also, there is no click feeling.

The charging port, along with a 3.5 Jack port are covered with a silicone cap to use it in every situation, since it has IP67 protection against dust and water.


It is water resistant, not waterproof.

How to operate

After long pressing the center button you will hear an ascending tone and then another one wich indicates that the speaker is in Pairing mode. You will hear another beep when your phone or bluetooth device is paired.

After you're set you'll need to play with your volume and the speaker's for an optimal sound.


The stereo separation is great, it seems the speaker is bigger than it really is. The bass is not as powerful as in other devices such as Ultimate Ears or even Bose, but I think is realistic The volume it can reach is quite high for a average room like a living room.

The battery is supposed to last about 13 hours but 10 is maybe a more realistic number. One thing I really dislike is that the battery discharges quite fast when not in use, and checking the net I'm not alone in this,.

Last words

If you're looking for a portable speaker that delivers a great sound within the 150-200 price range definitely go for this one. Although the buttons are quite hard to press and the battery discharges after a few days of no use is a good product.

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