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Posted on Monday 2 September 2019 by Moopie Curran

I got these headphones as a backup pair of headphones in case my Bose QC35's ever broke, because it's quite noisy at my house, and noise-cancelling headphones are a must for me. Anyway, on the left ear cup, you will find two buttons, going from back to front, first is the button that you press and hold to turn active noise-cancelling (ANC) on...

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Posted on Thursday 11 July 2019 by HoldenM

Hello everyone. I'm back again with another review and today I have something I think is truly unique. Today I'm taking a look at the Stealth Labs Speaker Backpack. This backpack can hold up to 12 liters of space, with a main compartment big enough to hold a 15-inch laptop, a change of clothes and all your other essentials and a little more....

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Posted on Wednesday 26 June 2019 by Techmaster20

So, for the longest time iPhones have only been able to capture audio in mono. That all changed with the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. The catch is, you can only get stereo audio when recording video. This has it's cons and pros. For one, the stereo mics on these phones aren't lined up with the camera, so you get an inaccurte stereo image compared...

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Posted on Saturday 8 June 2019 by Kevin Shaw
If you're looking for a portable BlueTooth speaker that fits in a messenger bag or large purse, and one that sounds good, the Anker SoundCore Sport XL is right up your alley. This stereo BlueTooth speaker is compact, shockproof, waterproof and it has a long-lasting 15 hours of playtime before it needs recharging. I'm writing this review over a...
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Posted on Sunday 19 May 2019 by Sabrina

I needed a pair of true wireless headphones and decided to go for the ones with the longest battery in one charge.
I bought a pair of Jabra Active 65 Elite. I didn’t know anything about them but thought they sounded good.
They were easy to pair. Very straight forward.
The problem was the app. It is Jabra Sound +. Most of this...

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Posted on Monday 6 May 2019 by Tyler

Since 2011, my home Wi-Fi network had been powered by an Apple Airport Extreme base station. Having gone way too long with a basic Netgear router that constantly needed rebooting and had spotty signal throughout the house, I was looking for something that was fast, reliable, and accessible.

At that time, Apple’s router business...

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Posted on Friday 29 March 2019 by HoldenM

I'm back ladies and gentlemen, slapping you upside the dome with yet another headphone review. Today I want to talk a little bit about the Creative SXFI Air, a very new headset that had it's debut at CES 2019. For the last several months I've had an interest in 3d audio. I'm not talking about the fake 7.1-channel surround sound in say, some of...

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Posted on Sunday 18 November 2018 by jack

This is the first wearable Bluetooth keyboard to hit the market! This keyboard allows you to control your phone using various tap combinations on any flat surface.

Physical Description

The keyboard itself actually consists of a wrist-strap with five touch-sensitive wrings, one for each of your fingers. It is a comfortable fit, and four...

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Posted on Monday 29 October 2018 by HoldenM

Here I am with another review. It's taken me some time to write this one.

Today I have the Skullcandy Crusher 360, which I will say is definitely an upgrade from the original Skullcandy Crusher Wireless I talked about quite a while ago.

There are some cons with this one, and I will discuss those, but let's start with the layout of...

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Posted on Tuesday 2 October 2018 by thebigt

The earphone jack on my ipad mini recently gave up the ghost, so i was on the hunt for a pair of cheap bluetooth earphones as i didn’t want to be spending a lot of money on something in case it was a bit more than the earphone jack not working.

These earphones are a similar shape to Apples’ earbuds that come with an...

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