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I needed a pair of true wireless headphones and decided to go for the ones with the longest battery in one charge.
I bought a pair of Jabra Active 65 Elite. I didn’t know anything about them but thought they sounded good.
They were easy to pair. Very straight forward.
The problem was the app. It is Jabra Sound +. Most of this app is accessible, but there is a lot of fiddling around with the moments that are unlabeled and don’t even say button.
Something that was even more surprising was the settings. I discovered that they included Amazon Alexa. I haven’t tried that much but liked it. I could choose if I wanted Alexa or Siri. For now I am going for Siri because I haven’t fiddled with Alexa very much since I don’t have an echoe.
You don’t need an echoe to be able to use this version of Alexa.
The case looks great and is very durable. It takes very short until it is recharged. I don’t know if there is a light to hint if the case is finished charging because I am blind.
The case is durable and takes very little space. L_id is secure and it has never opened on it’s own wich happened to a pair of others I had that triggered the headphones to start.
The headphones sync perfectly with each other and barely ever I loose contact with one of the headphones. Occationally I run into the problem that the left does not work, so I assume the right one is dominant, but all I have to do is to hold the down or up button on the left one.
The headphones are very small. There is a microphone on each and this is good because you will know what ear it should be in without having to fiddle.
ON the left headphone there are two buttons. One up and one down. When the up button is pressed it raises the volume and the down button lowers it. If you hold any of the buttons it will skip a track or go back.
On ther right headphone there is one button. This is the on and off button if you hold it, though hyou don’t usually need to turn them on that way. If you press that button once the headphones start playing music. If you hold for a second until you hear a longer beep it will activate Siri or Alexa depending on the voice assistant you prefer.
The headphones are secure in ones ears and they use very common things to actually put in the ears and they come in three sizes.
There is a feature that is called hearthorough and it is used to listen to your surroundings. I use the normal standard moment so am not really sure aqbout the others but one of them turns su´ound off when using hearthrough meaning I cannot hear VoiceOver. If this happens, just go to another moment.
There are many controls in the app that are hard to use because when some things are selected they don’t appear to be so I am not sure if it is.
Conclution: good headphones, durable case, but the bad thing is the app accessibility. I recomend these.

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