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a very small and comfortable headset. It has one single button, with the following functionalities: 1. a very long press turns the jabra stone 2 on or off. It has all English-spoken audible messages. 2. when on, a short press tells the battery status: high, medium, low. 3. a short press while the phone is ringing: answers the current call 4. a short press during a call: ends the call. the voice will say, call ended. 5. 2 fast short presses while the phone is not in a call: the headset says "redialing", and calls the last number found in the phone recent calls. 6. 2 short presses while the phone rings: rejects the current call. 7. a long press till the headsets makes a long tone, then release the button: it corresponds to the long-pressing of the home button in the iPhone. Activates voice recognition, jabra stone 2 is completely siri-compliant. Regarding voice control, this headset includes 2 important commands: when the phone rings, just say "answer" to answer a call and "ignore" to reject it. This is not a siri-related feature, it's jabra's functionality! Audible feedback is gigen also about the call: when the phone rings, Stone2 just reads the caller's ID aloud, number by number. Volume is that simple: just sliding a single finger downwards to decrease and upwards to increase. Of course it is audible, when it's to maximum or to minimum of volume, there is a beep warning; the advantage is there's not the danger to have voiceover and other audible softwares to be totally silenced, the volume lowers down but does not completely get silent! Music is funny to be listened with this headset, it does not disturb voiceover or the calls too! Nice to play "naval combat" with music in background... when headset is off, pressing the button long powers it on. The voice says, "power on" If no device is connected to it, I mean immediately after unboxing, an audible welcome message explains to go to the mobile device's settings and activate bluetooth, search for jabra stone 2, pair it, and if prompted type 0000 on the device's keyboard. I tried it both on an iPhone4 and an iPhone 4s and after I double-tapped on the label jabra stone 2, it connected without prompting me to type the 0000 code. Personally, as I am not english-speaking as mother language so the pronunciation is not that fluent, I do not use "answer" and "ignore" voice commands but I use the button. No matter, there are 2 solutions and people can choose what to feel comfortable with. The battery charger is round, and there is no possibility to be confused, there is only a way to insert the headset inside the charger, after inserting it looks almost like an entire shell; a charge takes 20 minutes, in a day it can be charged 4 times, afterward the "shell" can be connected via the included micro-USB cable; the headset cannot be used while charging, when inside the "shell", it just turns off, to turn back on when extracted from the battery charger. It is compatible with many devices, my boyfriend managed to use it with his macbook pro too!

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