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The earphone jack on my ipad mini recently gave up the ghost, so i was on the hunt for a pair of cheap bluetooth earphones as i didn’t want to be spending a lot of money on something in case it was a bit more than the earphone jack not working.

These earphones are a similar shape to Apples’ earbuds that come with an iphone or ipad. They have a wire connecting one to the other and are about an arms length along when they are fully stretched out. The left earphone is slightly longer than the right but they seem to be able to be worn either way. The earphones don’t stay in as well if the longer one is in the right ear though and they sound a lot chrisper this way. The shorter earphone has a microphone with 3 tactile buttons about half way down the wire. The middle button acts as the power on/off as well as to answer and end calls, while the other two buttons are the volume up and down buttons. The USB port for charging is also on the microphone. They have two magnets on each ear to join them together. These can be worn around your neck if you are not using them.

<H1>what’s in the box?</H1>
The earphones come in a tiny cardboard box. They come with a USB charger, instructions and two sets of different sized covers for the earphones.

<H1>set up</H1>
The earphones are incredibly easy to set up. First of all, press and hold the middle button on the earphones until you hear it say “power on”. You then go in to “bluetooth” in “settings” and look for “H2” and double tap. You will then hear “connected” or “pairing successful” depending on if you double tap or not. You only have to do this once. You are then ready to go. You can pair two devices but i find that it is harder on the battery that way.

These earphones are very comfortable to wear. Their range is only about 10 metres though so you would need your device with you if you wanted to walk around the house with them. The battery lasts about 4 hours with music draining them more. You can check the battery at any time in the status bar on your device. When the earphones reach 20 percent though they will persistently tell you that you need to charge them before turning themselves off. To charge them, open the flap on the side of the microphone and plug the USB in. They are very quick to charge and are fully charged within about an hour. They can be used whilst charging if you only use the longer earphone as the charging lead is quite long. Unfortunately you can’t use both ears though.

The quality of calls is very clear and sharp. If you have these around your neck, they are very easy to disconnect and put in to your ear on the move. Plus they don’t drown out background noise too much.

In conclusion, these are a great priced set of earphones. They come with built in voice prompts which is very helpful. They are wired so that you don’t lose them. Calls are clear and sharp. They are very easy to pair and unpair. The only drawback on these is the battery only lasting about 4 hours, but other than that, i find them very useful and worth while.

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