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I am severely visually impaired and as such my vision varies depending on the light conditions around me. When the light is in my favour, I cannot see anything below nose level for around 20 feet and my peripheral vision starts at around 10 feet. I also suffer with disability glare.

I came across the Sunu band review, by accident, on the Blind Life YouTube channel. I then looked at other reviews of the Sunu band before deciding to buy one.

The Sunu band is intended to be used in conjunction with a cane or guide dog, not as a replacement. The Sunu band detects and objects above waist level. It works by giving haptic feedback (vibrations) of varying intensity as you get closer to an object. It costs £288 including VAT, which you do not have to pay if you qualify for exemption in the UK, the cost then is £240. Prices correct at time of writing.

Although I’ve only had it a day it's already give me confidence when out walking when all my vision disappears, as it can detect objects I cannot see, walls, rails, low hanging branches etc.

One piece of advice, if you decide to get one is to make sure you learn how to use the different features. I found that by reducing the sensing angle in the sonar presets, I wasn't swamped with unnecessary feedback.

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Submitted by Karina Velazquez on Sunday, August 29, 2021

Hi, I’m very glad you find it useful.
I, on the other hand, have it for a pair of weeks and decided to return it.
I was expecting much for it, as it is a product made up by a mexican guy, and I’m from Mexico, so the idea that a launched product for the blind was in fact useful for a lot of people, was very attracting for me.

I think that my first trouble was to expect much from it as a cane substitute, for those times when I’m at my house or at my office, where the environment is known for me but there can be some obstacles sometimes; but it wasn’t working that way for me.

I think it has a lot of oportunity areas, because one of my main complaints was that whenever I use a long-sleeves shirt or a jacket, the sensor was obstructed by it and therefore no signal was coming through, and as I use formal clothes and so that situation was very comun and unconfortable.

Also all the time I was worried of damaging it as the sensor is very tall from the body of the band, and as while using the appple watch I find myself crashing it against doors and window-fenses, the band was much more propense to be crashed.

Hope you get the best of it, as I didn’t.

Submitted by Alan on Monday, August 30, 2021

I tested this device for two month, and just in case my experience could be useful for anyone, I don't recomend it at all.
The device itself feels cheap (and it isn't cheap at all), like a ugly plastic piece from the 90s. But, well, if it works, it works. That isn't the case for me and at least two friends of mine who decided to ask for a refund.
Sometimes it detects false obstacles, and the key here is sometimes, because it's not predictable, to the point that resting your hand, or leaving the device on a surface it detects random obstacles, while well known obstacles aren't detected at all, or only half of the time.
I've been programming and testing different technologies for years and never saw a device that useless. Sometimes it works, and for a short period of time it shows its potential, but devices of this category need to be reliable, at least more or less reliable, and it hasn't been my experience.
Buy an Apple watch instead, at least you'll be able to make your 'nephews laugh with the Mickey Mouse voice.

Submitted by Andrzej on Sunday, October 24, 2021

With sadness I am returning My Sunu Band. I had to get a replacement a few days after posting this review as the unit wouldn't hold its charge and also would report how much charge remained. The new unit was clearly a newer model but seemed flimsier.

Within a week I was having problems charging the unit, the plug socket connection was very flaky. Then today the outer casing dropped off as I was drying my hands.

While the concept was good the build quality is in my opinion poor and not fit for purpose.

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