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Based on Mosen at Large review/recommendation and others, last week, I upgraded to Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine and UniFi Access Point BeaconHD.

Similar to Jonathan, I had Apple AirPort Extreme, but that was replaced 4-years ago with Google Wi-Fi 3-pack mesh network. Of course, these worked well for the most part, but I experienced range, dead-spot, and intermittent connectivity issues. ,.

I was happy a couple of weeks ago in a weird way when my consumer mesh network was having issues (helps when wife experiences it), which had me use my Verizon MiFi Jetpack to be able to get my work done. It finally gave me a good enough justified reason (wife was sold!) to invest in the UniFi Dream Machine enterprise-grade network and say good-bye to Wi-Fi problems.

It was a little tricky and required some persistence to get things setup and configured due to some accessibility and usability issues. With AIRA (was working with an awesome agent who was totally geeking-out) assistance, I was able to enable some really powerful and mind-blowing beta/alpha features that are auto-magic and AI smart enterprise things for managing security, internet, firewall, Wi-Fi, QOS, Geo filtering, etc. Thes settings are not required to make it function, but is what makes it a dream, and the amazing thing is none of these configurations were disruptive to experience or performance, and are set and forget it.

Thank you for the amazing and wonderful recommendation of the Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine and Access Point. It's made a huge impact an a meaningful difference in coverage, throughput, and latency. Everything has been rock-solid and I've heard no complaints of home Wi-Fi issues , which is wonderful!

Please keep up the great work, Jonathan, and keeping us in the Blind community informed of all the coolest tech!

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