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Hi everyone, I thought I’d share my opinion about the “Veho 360 degrees M4 Bluetooth speaker” that I got for my iPhone a couple of weeks ago. Description The speaker is circular in shape, I think this is why it’s called “360 degrees”, and is very small. I’d say height wise it’s about the same size as a coke can, if not then a bit smaller. On the top are some controls in a circle surrounded by a button in the middle. Towards the base of the speaker is some raised writing which I think just says “Veho”. If you have this writing facing downwards and towards you if that makes sense, the top buttons are arranged as follows. The buttons at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock position are volume up and down, and the buttons at 3 and 9 o’clock positions are next and previous track. The button in the centre if pressed once toggles between play and pause, and if held down for about 5 seconds is power the speaker on or off. The speaker is on the edge of the circle. I can’t really think of a way to describe it but it is basically the hole edge of the sircle. You may understand this better when I talk about more parts. At the bottom of the speaker towards the base is the 3.5 MM slot to plug a device in with a wire if it doesn’t have Bluetooth. To the right of this is a small SD card slot so you could put an SD card and play music from that. To the right of this is the slot for the charger. A USB charging cable is supplied but a wall adapter is not. I just find using a computer or using my iPhone wall adapter is just fine. On the base of the speaker is a small switch which toggles between wired device and Bluetooth device. There is no function on the switch for an SD card so I think this overrides both. Setup The set up of the speaker was very simple. I made sure the swich was on Bluetooth setting, closest to the writing I mentioned earlier, and held down the centre button for about 3-5 seconds. I heard a small tone letting me know that the speaker was powered on and was on Bluetooth setting. My phone then found it a couple of seconds later. All I did to pare it was double-tap on the device name and when it had connected the speech from VO started coming from the speaker. Simple. Sound quality. The sound is great for it’s size. This is meant to be a portable speaker so don’t expect too much, but the sound and volume are great for it’s size and to say it’s a portable speaker. compared to others I’ve heard it’s very good. Negatives There aren’t really many big negatives I’ve found. It won’t function as a speakerphone and you can’t activate or use Siri with it, but that’s about it. What I would say is if you can’t see the small light at the back of the speaker, try getting VO to start reading something then hold down the centre button when powering off the speaker. There is audio tone for It powering on, but not for powering off. Also don’t worry if the sound takes a good 20-30 seconds to switch from the speaker to the iPhone. Mine does this and my mate’s does it as well so I think it’s normal. Battery life. The battery takes about 90 minutes to charge up and has 6 hours continuous play. Overall review Overall I think this is a very good, accessible and easy to use product. You can buy this from Amazon for £59.0 last time I looked. For anyone just looking for a simple Bluetooth speaker this is definetly worth getting.

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