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I had been using IBP, an accessible app for monitoring blood pressure. It permits manual entries, and it interfaces with the Withings BP monitor and body weight scale. I purchased both and discovered that an additional app called iScale must be installed. iScale is only marginally usable with Voiceover. You can weigh yourself or take your blood pressure and read it on the iPhone without much difficulty, but most of the features are totally inaccessible or very difficult to use without sight. The Withings website is horribly inaccessible with JAWS. The scale and BP monitor themselves are not difficult to use. Once the WiFi scale has been set up, which definitely requires sighted help, you simply step on the scale, and your weight is transmitted to the website and the iPhone app. The blood pressure monitor has no buttons on it and is easy to use. However a family member who weighs 215 pounds found the cuff too small; it seemed to fit but would not read her bp. I have written to Withings, and they have promised to send my comments to their developer.

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Submitted by Jerry Berrier on Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One feature I really wanted to use was the ability to send a chart of my blood pressure readings to myself or my doctor via E-mail. That feature exists, but I found it totally unusable on the iPhone app and on the website with JAWS.

Submitted by Andre on Monday, January 28, 2013

In reply to by Jerry Berrier

Can this device also be connected to your computer and is it more accessible using windows 7? I believe it has a USB interface also?