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Listed below are a selection of apps that have either been reduced in price or are temporarily available for free. These apps are either known to be accessible with VoiceOver or are very likely to be.

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Posted on Monday 11 August 2014 by Bryan Jones

The 1Password apps for IOS, Mac & Windows are on sale as of this writing, 11 August 2014. The IOS app is 40% off while the Mac & Windows apps are 30% off. Also, the Developer says the 1Password updates due this Fall for IOS 8 &...

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Posted on Wednesday 6 August 2014 by Unregistered User

This is currently reduced from $4.99 to $1.99. Read it’s entry in the AppleVis App Directory for information on its accessibility.

Here is a...

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Posted on Friday 1 August 2014 by Unregistered User

This text-based RPG for iOS is free for a few days to mark the launch of a new app.

The developer of this game is so keen to limit spoilers, that the only information they provide about the game is: “awake, head throbbing, vision blurry...

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Posted on Tuesday 24 June 2014 by Michael Hansen

Weather Radio by WDT, formerly iMap Weather Radio, has dropped in price to $4.99. Weather Radio was recently redesigned and includes very good VoiceOver support. It also includes an option for a $4.99 per year lightning alerts subscription--...

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