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Posted on Monday 9 March 2015 by John Gassman

Realize that this is not an official guide, just one built from my quick and short experience.
There may be other features I don't know about yet.
For instance, I know that certain non-Apple apps can also use AirDrop, but not all of...

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Posted on Friday 6 March 2015 by Scott

By Scott Berry

I was wondering how I could get some kind of a sidebar back to make iTunes look like versions 10 and 11. There is a real easy way. On any of the screens where you see the radio button for Playlists you may click on that...

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Posted on Sunday 25 January 2015 by Jessica Brown

I have seen a lot of people saying they have problems with the 2 finger double tap not ending or answering a call or that it's hard to find and double tap the answer, decline or end call buttons when they are in a noisy place. If you are...

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Posted on Sunday 14 December 2014 by Musicruz

Before writing this guide, I have searched the Applevis site about this topic. According to the treads I have read, some people are having difficulties to make this feature work.

This guide will not make your raise to record feature to...

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Posted on Friday 12 December 2014 by RobH.

The following describes the layout and functions of the Jawbone Jambox bluetooth speakers, popularly used with iOs devices, in short summary form.

Jawbone Jambox Mini:

I have a Mini and so far, I find the buttons on the top:- a...

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Posted on Monday 1 December 2014 by Musicruz

It seems like the Chinese jailbreak hackers are having some sort of race competition going on to jailbreak the latest iOS version. As a result, the iOS 8.1.X is now jailbreakable again, but this time it came from a different hacker team named "...

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Posted on Sunday 30 November 2014 by mehgcap


Are you a Mac user, and a fan of audio games? Does it make you angry that there are only a few audio games for the Mac, and that you need Windows just to kill some zombies or play cards? Do you not have access to Windows, and find...

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Posted on Saturday 1 November 2014 by Musicruz

Compatibility: Any iDevice that can run iOS 8.x
Pangu 1.1, which can be found at
If you're gonna do this process in a Virtual Machine...

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Posted on Tuesday 21 October 2014 by Christopher Hallsworth

Hi all
I am here to proudly bring you instructions on how to get text messaging under iOS 8.1 going.
First, you must have an iPhone 4s or later running iOS 8.1. Second, you must have any iPad or iPod Touch 5th Generation, also running...

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Posted on Monday 13 October 2014 by Don Barrett

I just purchased a big Jambox and for the most part, I love it. The speaker phone is awesome and almost makes the $269 price from Amazon worth it, but one thing was just driving me crazy.

When I plugged the JamBox into my Mac running...

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