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Posted on Tuesday 22 April 2014 by Michael Hansen

Apple today released iOS 7.1.1, an update that brings bug fixes—including a fix for the Bluetooth keyboard issue many VoiceOver users have experienced.

According to ...

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Posted on Saturday 5 April 2014 by AppleVis

At the end of each month, members of the AppleVis Editorial Team take a look at all the apps that have been posted to the site during that month—either for the first time, or where there has been a significant update—and decide which of these...

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Posted on Friday 4 April 2014 by mehgcap


Have you ever thought about making the switch from braille notetaker to iOS device? Are you unsure which one you should choose? Do you have both, and can't decide which one to invest in moving forward? I made the switch from a...

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Posted on Wednesday 2 April 2014 by David Woodbridge
Earlier this week I flew back from Melbourne to Sydney after attending the Vision 2014 International Low Vision Conference hosted by Vision Australia, where I was an Accessibility Ambassador on Apple’s iHouse interactive stand.
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Posted on Tuesday 1 April 2014 by mehgcap

A Brief History

I got my first iOS device, an iPod Touch (fourth generation), for Christmas in 2010. I was resistant at first, but eventually warmed up to it and grew to rely on it more than the braille notetaker I had used for over...

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Posted on Sunday 30 March 2014 by mehgcap


Macs have been fully accessible since 2005, but those who have never used one may still believe the myths about VoiceOver that have been around almost as long as VoiceOver itself. Even long-time users may be doing extra work, not...

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Posted on Friday 28 March 2014 by Scott Davert
In my previous article we looked at the top 4 app picks I have for users of Braille devices in the news category. Browsing the news is a...
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Posted on Wednesday 26 March 2014 by Michael Hansen

Papa Sangre II, the wildly popular audio game, will be free to download in the app store for one day on Thursday, March 27, 2014 local time.

Somethin Else, the developers behind Papa Sangre II and The Nightjar, recently announced that...

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Posted on Thursday 13 March 2014 by Scott Davert


A common question I receive as a power user of braille devices on iOS who works with the deaf-blind population is what apps do I find most helpful, and which are most accessible to braille only users?With over 150 apps on my...
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Posted on Tuesday 11 March 2014 by David Goodwin
With a major update to iOS released yesterday, I thought that it would be timely to remind people of the importance of reporting accessibility bugs to Apple and to make a few suggestions for the best way to do this.
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