Does anybody have experience of using VoiceOver in conjunction with switch control?

Hi All,

I am a professional working with people with sight loss who specialises in digital technology. I am looking to support a partially sighted individual to access an ipad but they also have restricted movement in their left hand and no movement in their right hand. As a result I am looking at using a switch such as the iSwitch or Blue 2 to access the device alongside voiceover to verbalise what is on the screen.

Apple have told me that voiceover will work alongside the switch controls, as have a supplier of inclusive technology whereas the company making the Blue 2 switch have said they cannot be used simultaneously.

This would mean relying on the speech feature in switch controls. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge that would help with this??

Many thanks



Turning on Switch Control

App Developer

Turning on Switch Control disables VoiceOver and vice versa currently (iOS10) - but you can enable Switch Control with the Speech option [found in the audio menu of Switch Control] which provides an auditory scan - the Switch Control Menu and few custom Recipes will then provide access to most apps [with the same provisos as VoiceOver]