Deleting Messages From the Facebook iOS App

If you have messages in your Facebook inbox, I&;ve got the technique to delete them using VoiceOver.Go to your messages area on Facebook for iPhone application. When you swipe to a message, instead of double-tapping, double-tap and hold for a few seconds. You can move your finger if you wish, a little window will come up. Double-tap on "confirm deletion for ".Good luck!



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By the way that method listed

By the way that method listed in the main thread broke. you cannot double tap and hold anymore to show that menu. tha'ts been broke since about a month after that was posted.

I have complained to the developers

This issue has been around for a long time, I have contacted the developers, no responses received nor have they attempted to fix it despite there has been several updates since.

Did you also tweet them

Did you also tweet them as I did and they said they would put a patch in place to fix it, but that was around july of this year. so not sure what happened.