iDevice Primer 106: Using iTunes

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What is iTunes? Do I need it?

iTunes is a program made by Apple for Mac and Windows. It is a program for managing your iDevice's content, backups, and upgrades. As of iOS 5, iTunes is no longer required for the iDevice, except for putting music on your device (accessible alteqatives for music management are being investigated). You can activate, upgrade, and back up your iDevice using iCloud as of iOS5. If you still want iTunes1 you can download iTunes from

I am having trouble figuring out iTunes. How does this program work?

iTunes is very confusing at first. Instead of detailing everything here, I will say only the following (Windows only):

  1. The f6 key jumps between major sections.
  2. The tab key moves from control to control as you would expect.

Freedom Scientific has some podcasts that were done a year or two ago using iTunes on Windows and the Jaws for Windows screen reader. These podcasts, though, can be (mostly) applied to any Windows screen reader.

If you are a Jaws user, you may also like to look into these Jaws scripts for iTunes.