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Introducing Aurora Recorder, an audio recording app designed for your Apple Watch.

β€’ Background recording on your Apple Watch
β€’ Check recording state on your watch face
β€’ Sync recording files between your Apple Watch and iPhone automatically
β€’ Export and share recording files via iOS share sheet
β€’ No internet access required, keep your audio recording privately and safely

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Complicated. Your Watch, Your Way. Complicated is the simplest way to customize your Apple watch.

Complicated gives you endless control over your apple watch faces. Complicated supports an ever growing list of customizations.

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Just Press Record is a simple, professional audio recorder that brings the ultimate convenience of one-tap recording and instant syncing via iCloud to all your devices. Perfect for capturing ideas, thoughts and memos on the go.

And with speech to text transcription, high quality audio playback and effortless sharing via Notes, Messages, Mail or any of your favourite apps that support audio or text, Just Press Record really is the perfect tool to fit seamlessly into your day.

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With LittleBen you can send haptics feedback in relation to time, in the background and with different modalities, among them:
Why would I find it useful:

Situations in which you need to know how much time has passed and you have difficulties to see the watch screen (Public speaking, Work, While you are walking, While you are swimming)
You can save the sessions to see the number of minutes/hours consumed.

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*This app is developed and is managed by Wern Jie, 15 years old.
-----5-STAR RATINGS-----
"When all you want is the digital equivalent of a paper diary, this is the perfect one." - goyyboy
"[...] Exactly what I needed [...]" - (multiple reviews)
"Good and accessible with VoiceOver" - Allan.summers
Never write a diary because of the inconvenience to do that?
Always forget to write in your diary?
Afraid that someone will peek into your diary?

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Power 2 enables you to quickly see your iPhone battery life and more from your Apple Watch just by raising your wrist.

Add Power 2's complication to your favourite watch face so you can quickly see your iPhone battery life. Power 2's complication also knows when your phone is in low power mode, charging or fully charged. Its that smart, fast and simple.

Power 2 will notify you when your iPhone battery is running low and/or is fully charged, even if your iPhone is charging in the other room.

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This app lets you simulate rolling dice or flipping a coin (a two-sided die). On the watch, you do a force touch to choose how many dice (up to 6), how many sides each die has (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, or 100), and whether to add or subtract up to 10 from the roll (this is required for some roll-playing games). Then you press the Roll button to find out what you've got. The result of each roll is displayed, plus the total number. You can also store favorite configurations, such as 5 six-sided dice, so you can choose them quickly later.

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Display any data available online as a complication on your Apple Watch. Keep track of a key metric. Pull data from a website, XML/RSS feed or plist or JSON API.

Examples include:
- Displaying the latest in sports news from public RSS feeds like ESPN or Yahoo Sport.
- Daily currency conversion rates
- iTunes Top Song
- Recent earthquakes
- Daring Fireball blog entries, any blogs that support XML RSS feeds really

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Listen to your Sleep from Apple Watch!

With watchOS 4 and the new background recording β€” monitor the noises that occur while your eyes are shut each night.

Using a Speech Detection Algorithm, Sleep Talk only records when it hears fluctuations in sound that mimic human vocals*. Scrubbing through hours of audio each morning, and large audio file sizes are a thing of the past.

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SWIS is a wearable App that alerts you that you are falling asleep & if not dismissed will pause audio playback.

Audiobook & podcast users know that it is almost impossible to find your place once you have fallen asleep and play has continued.

SWIS – Sleep when I sleep.

Here is what you will love about SWIS for iOS:
It is so easy to use.

SWIS alerts you that you are falling asleep & if not dismissed will pause audio playback making it easier to find where you left off in a story or podcast.

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Thwip is your personal sound effects soundboard, right on your wrist.

Enhance any joke with an appropriate "badum tss", an awkward moment with "crickets", or an epic announcement with "air horn" β€” you can play all these sounds from the surprisingly loud speaker on your watch.

But there's more β€” with "Thwip Mode" you can feel 0.5% more like you are a cool arachnid-based super-hero… at least you'll sound more like one. I trust you.

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Description from the AppStore
The TimeBuzz app makes it possible to feel the current time through vibrations of the Taptic Engine on the Apple Watch. The app is designed especially for visually impaired people. With this app you can discretely get to know the current time without the need for the time to be pronounced.