Roll The Bones (Dice Roller Lotto Picker Coin Flipper)

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Description of App: 

This app lets you simulate rolling dice or flipping a coin (a two-sided die). On the watch, you do a force touch to choose how many dice (up to 6), how many sides each die has (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, or 100), and whether to add or subtract up to 10 from the roll (this is required for some roll-playing games). Then you press the Roll button to find out what you've got. The result of each roll is displayed, plus the total number. You can also store favorite configurations, such as 5 six-sided dice, so you can choose them quickly later. The version for iOS is even more flexible in the number of dice and number of sides on each one.



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Accessibility Comments: 

Both the watch and iOS apps are completely accessible. When I reported a small accessibility problem with the iOS version, the developer fixed it immediately, which is wonderful!


Fully Accessible