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Points to consider for Pre-Interview and Interviewing children with disabilities related to child abuse. Expanded information and Resources across disability areas are also provided through an online website. The App provides guidelines to quick information and/or areas requiring further information (e.g. jargon clarification) that can be of assistance in preparing or interviewing a child with a disability related to possible abuse. The materials presented have been refined and updated by a Project Team from Teachers College, Columbia University over a period of years (2005-2014) given ongoing changes in definitions, priorities, interventions both in disabilities and child abuse intervention areas. Issues of Concern for ongoing work are also identified. The website accessed through the App includes a downloadable listing/annotation of Selected Journal Articles (70) on various aspects of abuse and disabilities, including bullying current to April, 2014 along with identification of State Disability Resources in 50 states and Additional Resources and Links. The Mini-Website is “open source”. In 2014-2015 materials will also be available for use in training on Disability Considerations when child abuse is suspected, along with models for making forensic materials and locations more accessible for children with disabilities. Check the App and Mini-Site for ongoing developments. More Information: Dr. Christine Pawelski – Disability Training Information Survey -

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