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Do you want to find more balance in today’s increasingly stressful existence? Do you think that meditation seems difficult? Try the Mindfulness App.The Mindfulness App is a tool for increasing your awareness in life. It helps you with the most difficult aspect of Mindfulness practice - namely to remember to be mindful.  COMMENTS FROM USERS:”I have completed a Mindfulness course and tried many guided meditations for example on CD. This is right on! Pleasant voice, useful functions and it really works as Mindfulness is supposed to. I use it almost daily.””Simple, clear, beautiful, pleasant voice and flexible. This could really be what helps me meditate regularly””Nice design, simple and pleasant. Fantastic tool for beginners and those already practicing. Everybody should have it in their pocket. A really good gift.””What a nice app! Thorough and user friendly. A lot of functions but yet simple.” BRIEF ABOUT THE APP:By setting reminders at times and days of your choice you can get a message when it’s time to meditate  You can also be reminded when you come or leave a certain place by writing a specific address or search using the inbuilt map You can choose if you want to sit for a shorter or longer period You can be guided by a voice or just sit in silence with bells ringing at different times You can also design your own meditation for as long as you want it to last Finally, you can set Mindfulness Notices at chosen times that can help you to increase your presence in the moment Through the Mindfulness App you can simply ‘call yourself up’ from time to time to check whether you really are there.  It is of course possible to start a meditation just by starting the Mindfulness App and choose which meditation you want to listen to - for example if you have some time in the subway, bus, in a queue or if you just want to sit for a while.  All the meditations that you have done are stored in the statistics section so that you have a possibility to follow how your meditation practice is developing over time. The Mindfulness App contains:4 Guided meditations: 3, 5, 15, and 30 minutes4 Silent meditations with bells:  3, 5, 15, and 30 minutes1 Guided Body ScanPossibility of designing a modified meditation with our without guided introMindfulness NoticesReminder functionStatistics The Mindfulness app is a great tool for everyone who wants to become more present in their life, both beginners and more experienced practitioners. We are confident that it will enhance your day and make your life richer and more interesting!

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everything seems to work well and is simply laid out for easy navigation.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

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All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

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I was dubious at first but I’m finding that I can concentrate for longer.