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myNoise now free, with White Noise, Rain Noise, Binaural Beats, Spring Walk, and Temple Bells!
‣ "Of all the ambient noise apps I’ve tried, myNoise is
the best. It never repeats, it has top-notch sounds, and it is just plain fun to use." - Cult Of Mac. ‣ "We've covered many online noise generators in
the past, but MyNoise is different: it calibrates background noise based on your hearing range and listening devices." - Lifehacker.

Welcome to the convergence of serious audio engineering, creative sound design, and the scientific understanding of human hearing. The App you are about
to download is not just another of those soundscape App but a serious tool oriented toward the needs of hearing professionals, sound therapists, and people
interested in noise machines in general.

myNoise offers a unique collection of noise generators shaped to your personal hearing thresholds. Through a simple but accurate calibration process, our
calibrated noise generators are not only matched to your own hearing, but also compensate for your audio equipment and listening environment deficiencies,
including the presence of background noise and its nature.

Noise machines are great for blocking out background noises whether you're trying to work, study, relax, or even sleep. Compared to conventional noise
blocking machines, our noise generators can be shaped to the frequency characteristics of the environmental noise one needs to block, and therefore achieve
a better camouflage, or - in other words - a greater masking efficiency at quieter levels.

Listening to our noise generators in a quiet environment makes sense too, and is even recommended to enjoy their optimal sound quality. Let our noise generators
become your best friend when it comes to soothing babies at bedtime, or during your meditation and relaxation sessions.

myNoise generators cover the whole audible frequency range, from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, over 10 color-coded octaves. Thanks to our unique calibration procedure,
each noise scape can be made spectrally flat to your ears.
As we get older, we all suffer from age-related hearing loss involving the higher tones. During our calibration process, we are able to measure your personal
hearing levels, and adapt our noises accordingly. You'll be surprised to hear frequencies you thought were lost forever!

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Accessibility Comments: 

This app is fully accessible, despite of it being a bit complex at the first place. The developer of the app made the sliders to look completely native to Voice Over and You will be able to easily adjust the shape of the noise by accessing the many sliders that a single noise package provides.
The app has five tabs at the bottom of the page. The first one, MyNoises, lists the current noises that you have purchased or have in library. Remember that you get five free noises by default, so make sure to play each of them and adjust their sliders to see How far you can take your imagination!
Note: When playing a noise, There are some unlabeled buttons At the bottom of the app. After you have passed the sliders, You'll see a labeled button that will announce the preset that is currently selected. If you change any slider, This will change to "custom". If you double tab on this you'll enter a new page with a good amount of preset options for your selected noise engine..
After you swipe pass the preset button, You will see two unlabeled button. I'm guessing that these are "favorite this noise" and "Play/pause" buttons. I will have to reach out to the developer of this app to confirm this and ask them to provide a fix for these two buttons. When you swipe pass these two buttons, You'll see some more labeled buttons with additional features of this app.

The second page, Favorites. as you can guess This will list the favorite noises.
The third page is the calibration page. This will let you to filter the noise for either blocking outside sounds or having the best possible listening experience. fully accessible.
The fourth page is the exciting part: more sounds that you can purchase! You can preview and purchase more sounds. A small note: You can buy a $10 app purchase that will let you to own all the sounds and noises of this app. passed and future ones.
Fifth page: more. This'll let you to visit and contact the developer and the audio engineer of this application.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads most page elements.

Button Labeling: 

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.

Other Comments: 

I think this app is a little gem in appstore and I recommend this to all Applevis users. You can have a very great experience with generated nature sounds, generated environment sounds and more! I'm not experienced in this field; but I an tell that The audio that you here in this app is not just some random loops thrown at you; They are generated live.
I really like the app and I'm going to purchase the $10 pack so I could have all them sounds! You just have to try this for yourself and see what an amazing app this is. I know that many blind and visually impaired users are some sort of audio lovers and junkies; This app is for you!
The app has an audio engineer and sound designer, Dr. Ir. Stéphane Pigeon. You can follow him and request more sounds and whatever you want on his twitter, his twitter handle is: @audiosampling
The developer of this app is someone else. (And I can tell that He knows his work pretty well). and you can follow him in twitter, his twitter user is: @NSMustache
Make sure to follow him and report bugs and feature requests to him, and let him know If you enjoy his accessibility work on this app.

Extra note on website: This website is not accessible to use with JAWS and NVDA on firefox. It's ment to listen and use myNoise online with a browser, but I couldn't get this to work.

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