ThirdEye: Empowering the Blind and Visually Impaired with Object Recognition


Description of App: 

We believe in empowering visually impaired individuals. ThirdEye restores autonomy to visually impaired persons’ lives by enabling them to recognize everyday
objects. All the user has to do is touch one button and our technology verbally returns back whatever object the user is looking at within seconds (for
example a “5 US Dollar Bill” or an “Ibuprofen bottle”).
We have a database of millions of images that is being updated every day and thus our product is able to recognize a wide array of images very specifically.

ThirdEye is currently free to download!

• Press the “Recognize This” button while holding your phone in front of an object you want to recognize, and then wait a couple of seconds for ThirdEye
to return the object to your ear. The button is large, and occupies half the screen so it’s easy to find and press.
• Press the raise volume button on the side of your phone while the app is on to Activate the “Recognize This” feature.
• Every time you press a button, ThirdEye will read aloud the button you pressed (to ensure that you pressed the button you wanted to).
• Returns a Alert Message warning you if the item you recognized could be potentially dangerous (such as medicine) and to ask for help before taking the
medicine. (Note: Please note that this alert message will be triggered on every potentially dangerous item simply because of the sheer number of potentially
dangerous items; we have done our best to try to add as many objects as we think could be dangerous, but you should use your own judgement)
• Currently, the read this feature works with larger text, but it is still under development. We're still displaying this text, but if you press it, you'll
hear a message saying "this feature is till under development."

Terms of Service:
Please use ThirdEye’s recommendations with your own consent. We are not responsible whatsoever for any wrong response (verbal or text based) that ThirdEye
returns; please use caution especially when using ThirdEye to recognize medicine or anything that is potentially deadly. ThirdEye, ThirdEye’s shareholders
and founders, or anyone associated with ThirdEye is not responsible for any injuries or death caused by the use of ThirdEye. Please read the full Terms
of Service for ThirdEye at

We really hope that ThirdEye is able to improve the lives of visually impaired patients at least 10x. Already we have been featured on the Forbes, HuffingtonPost,
SIRIUSXM, New Scientist, TEDx, Mother Nature Network, PhillyVoice, and WHYY. Help us convert our vision to a reality!

ThirdEye is available for use on Google Glass as well! All the user has to do to activate our Glass app is simply say “Okay Glass, Recognize This” and
ThirdEye will return back the object he/she is looking at. Although our app is still in beta mode, we will gladly provide you with a demo APK if you want:
simply email us at

Privacy Policy:
Read our privacy policy at

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Support and Feedback:
You can email us at Send us any questions and feedback you have so we can make your experience better!

Developed by ThirdEye Technologies Inc.--
All Rights Reserved 2014. Copyright 2014.

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Accessibility Comments: 

the app is self voicing so double tapping a button announces the name of the button then tapping again performs the action. personally I find this annoying and would rather rely on VoiceOver. Also when you launch the app you are asked to agree to the terms of service but this is a button not a checkbox so when you double tap to agree you have no idea if it has been selected or not.

VoiceOver Performance: 

Not applicable for this app.

Button Labeling: 

Not applicable for this app.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments: 

I have had no usable results with this app so far, I tried the read this feature and got nonsense out, but to be fair to the developers they said this feature was under development. however I got nothing at all for recognition of objects, I tried twice and the app just sat there saying processing every second or so which quickly got very annoying. also I read on twitter this app uses the same API as camfind and tap tap see, so I am not quite sure what the point of this app even is.

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