Aipoly Vision: Sight for Blind & Visually Impaired


Description of App: 

Aipoly is an object and color recogniser that helps the blind, visually impaired, and color blind understand their surroundings. Simply point your phone at the object of interest and press the large toggle button at the bottom of the screen to turn on the artificial intelligence.

Aipoly will keep running and recognising objects until you switch to a different tab, or toggle the Aipoly button.

Aipoly is suited for both the visually impaired and the sighted.

● Recognise Objects:
Aipoly can recognise a wide variety of objects at a rate of three times a second. Simply switch on the Aipoly button and it will start identifying what it sees through the camera. Recognising objects does not require an internet connection.

● Recognise Colors:
Aipoly can tell up to 954 colors apart. The list can also be simplified to a few through the settings if you are unfamiliar with most color names.

● Teach Aipoly:
Aipoly will learn more object if its users help it by writing descriptions of what it sees. This is a good way for sighted users to help the visually impaired. Press the pencil button once object recognition is toggled on to write a description of the object or scene in focus. Detailed descriptions work best. Over time, Aipoly will begin learning about more items thanks to its users.

● VoiceOver:
For those with VoiceOver switched on, simply access the text above the toggle button. For those who are sighted and do not require VoiceOver, you can access the Speaking Voice setting to listen to what the app can see.

● Voice Modes:
You can switch between different voice modes in the settings page. Ranging from standard, which says one word at a time, to advanced for multiple words, to likelyhood and fun, which express the likelyhood of the item viewed and add additional captions respectively.

● Intelligent Torch:
When Aipoly detects darkness through the camera, it will automatically turn on the torch so you don't have to worry about lighting. When the light is switched on, it will turn the torch off.

Aipoly works on:
iPhone 5S
iPhone 6
iPhone 6Plus
iPhone 6S
iPhone 6S Plus
iPad Air and above.
iPad Mini 2 and above.

Aipoly is not a medical application, nor a substitute for human or canine visual assistants. It will not understand every object that you point it to and will eventually make mistakes on what it sees.

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iOS Version: 


Accessibility Comments: 

The app is very accessible. Note: If you have voiceover enabled, flick left of the toggle button and you will see text of what the IPhone is seeing. Only then will it begin reading what it sees automatically. Also, I wish there was a way we could know if the toggle button is on or off. For now, voiceover just says toggle button. It works when you double tap, but if it's on, I'd hope that in the future, it will say "Selected, Toggle Button," for instance. Other than that, the app works, but it has a lot to learn. It's a new app, though, and baby steps will help this app begin to learn to recognize things more accurately in the future. Amazing app!

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments: 

As I said in the accessibility comments, make sure you're on the text above the toggle button when it is on in order for voiceover to read incoming text automatically. Alternatively, you can go to the settings tab, make sure the speaking voice is switched on by default, then go back to the object or color tab, depending on what you want to hear. Double tap the toggle button to turn it on, and then, you can turn voiceover off, and Scansoft Samantha will automatically speak what the phone sees if the toggle button is on.