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Hurricane Impact, from - the only app that takes you in to the hurricane with live weather data, web cam images, video blogs from the field and our innovative, exclusive Surge Cam for monitoring coastal storm surge during hurricanes and other severe coastal storms.

Hurricane Impact features news and updates throughout the hurricane season that goes beyond traditional hurricane tracking. The app features:

* Push notifications for breaking news events, important updates and more.

* Live wind speed and pressure data from weather sensors that we place in the path of a landfalling hurricane to provide users with real-time weather data plus a LIVE web cam image from the location of our weather equipment (as seen on CNN during hurricane Isaac in 2012).

* Exclusive SURGE CAM - a live web cam developed just for Hurricane Impact that will bring a live image from the landfall area showing the storm surge as it increases along the coast.

* During hurricane season, users will benefit from our daily video blog that explains the current and forecast goings on in the tropics. Plus, our 16 years of experience in hurricane analysis and preparedness will be evident as we give details on the IMPACT of tropical storms and hurricanes. It's not just about the category or a point on a map - you'll understand what to expect and then we will take you there with our field mission reports and live weather data and web cam images.

* During our field missions Hurricane Impact will be an excellent resource for users to know what is going on with our "boots on the ground" field updates. We will take you in to the eye of the hurricane with as many video blogs as we can push out. This was a very successful part of our initial launch last hurricane season with over 40 video blogs delivered to the app from the landfall zone during hurricanes Isaac and Sandy. No other hurricane related app can deliver like we can when it counts the most: at landfall!

* We have developed our own tracking maps as well as specialized Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential tracking maps that not only plot the current and forecast positions of storms and hurricanes, but also give the user the added benefit of seeing the upper ocean heat content along the forecast path. Only Hurricane Impact has this feature!

* Our Twitter and Facebook updates are posted in the app for easy following of our social media interaction. URLs open just by tapping them from within the app - a nice feature to view pics as we post them.

* Our blog posts, complete with graphics and videos, are posted to the app the moment we post them to - a trusted hurricane news and information site since 1999!

* We also cover off-season weather such as winter storms, severe weather threats and more.

You can track hurricanes with incredible apps such as Hurricane Pro (which we highly recommend from our friends at Kitty Code) but when hurricanes threaten land along the United States coastline, only Hurricane Impact will have live weather data feeding in to the app in real time. Only Hurricane Impact has the exclusive and innovative Surge Cam to show you what is REALLY happening where the hurricane is making landfall. There is simply no other hurricane related app that puts you in the middle of the hurricane using cutting-edge tech and experience like we can.

Add Hurricane Impact to your tool box of weather related apps today! And, as always, reviews, comments and suggestions are appreciated and encouraged. The better the app does, the more live data and images we can add in the future! Thank you for the support. We'll see you from the eye!

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This is very accessible other than the maps section of the app! It's awesome to get live storm info from people that are right in the middle of it!

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VoiceOver reads all page elements.

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The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

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