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26 May 2017 Turf Wars - Location Based Mafia Fully Accessible
24 May 2017 Bedtime Math Inaccessible VoiceOver went completely silent when I started this app. I couldn't get it to read anything on the screen. The only way I could get VoiceOver to work again was to close the app.
23 May 2017 Facebook Mostly Accessible While most of this app is accessible, there are some issues which have been around for ages and do not seem to get fixed. For example, there is no way to describe how VoiceOver works when watching a live video, it just goes all over the place. Overall, it's fine if you just want to have a look at your newsfeed, keep an eye on groups etc, but at the moment I wouldn't recommend advanced things like the live videos or the "days" feature. I still don't really know what that is.
22 May 2017 Pinterest Partially Accessible Both the app and the website progressively have become less accessible, and the Pinterest team has little interest in fixing it, especially if their responses to me are any indication of their interest. One person said, "We're a small team here and cannot respond to your inquiry." A few others have basicly thanked me and said they're working on it though nothing has been done. I urge everyone, even those who use the app and/or actual site sparingly, to comment. The poor response from Pinterest is incredibly disappointing; it is a site I very much need for my job, and it's just becoming unusable with the exception of a few functions. If anyone has tips to share, please do so. Thank you. Partially accessible is generous; if there was a category, "Mostly inaccessible", it would fit there; it is not totally but is mostly inaccessible at this time, May, 2017.
20 May 2017 Swarm — by Foursquare Fully Accessible Very accessible and easy as hell to use.
19 May 2017 Star Traders RPG Fully Accessible There's a few unlabled buttons on the home screen of the app, but if you have hints enabled, you're able to hear where the buttons lead to. Also, if you wish you can lable the buttons yourself with a two-finger double tap and hold till an edit field pops up. Other than this everything is totally accessible!
19 May 2017 Blindfold Word Search Fully Accessible
19 May 2017 Bible Trivia Quiz - No Ads - Free Bible Study - Bible Challenge Game, Bible Christian Quizzer Puzzle Mostly Accessible This would have definitely been a keeper for me but every time I doubletap on an answer, at the bottom it says "Application stopped". I hit the Resume Button and the app goes back to the beginning where you choose how many questions you want to answer.
18 May 2017 CBN Radio - Christian Music Mostly Accessible The station selection process is much easier if you switch to list mode; the problem is the place to do that is near the top of the app and was a bit difficult to find. If you do locate it, however, the selection of stations is quite easy as they simply appear in a list that is easy to navigate.
17 May 2017 ParcelTrack - Package Tracker for Fedex, UPS, USPS Fully Accessible I've been using this app now for 2 years at the premium level and absolutely love it.
15 May 2017 Tile - Find & track your lost phone, wallet, keys Fully Accessible This App is now full accessible with Voice Over.
14 May 2017 Speedtest by Ookla Fully Accessible
14 May 2017 Timecrest: The Door Fully Accessible This is my new favorite game aside from Celtic Tribes and LordsKnights
14 May 2017 lire (Full-text RSS) Fully Accessible The Lire app is fully accessible with Voiceover. If you like or love RSS feeds then this is the app for you. Have you ever wanted to organize a topic such as cooking or technology into there own folder and have an app download as many feeds as you subscribe to within that folder? Well with Lire you can do this and it is great. Imagine; you've created your Cooking folder, your Science folder, your World News folder and your Funny news folder. You've made sure that all your subscriptions are correctly placed into every folder, making sure to get around ten subscriptions for each, after all they may have different outlooks on the same articles. You then swipe down with three fingers within the app and hear getting articles... finishing... A ding sound lets you know that Lire has finished downloading everything and that you can now brows any folder you wish and you know that you could have ten, twenty, perhaps even one hundred or more articles. You sit back, relax and prepare to read. Well you don't have to imagine no more. With the Lire app this is possible and once you get use to adding items to a folder, you'll be adding like a pro and enjoying the many Food, Science, Funny news and World news articles you could dream of, plus many more feeds where they came from.
12 May 2017 Dice World - 6 Fun Games Fully Accessible This game is fantastic in terms of accessibility! The only thing that doesn't seem to be accessible is tutorial pop-ups, but apart from that everything is fully accessible
12 May 2017 ChangeReaction Fully Accessible Works perfectly without voiceover. I just wish I could interrupt the repetitive speech and move on sometimes. Other than that I'm addicted.
8 May 2017 Hokusai Audio Editor Fully Accessible This is completely accessible and you can do everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.
8 May 2017 Facebook Mostly Accessible
8 May 2017 Facebook Mostly Accessible
8 May 2017 Lords & Knights - Medieval Strategy MMO Fully Accessible
5 May 2017 OCR -converts the characters in the photo Fully Accessible This app is very accessible and easy to use. Highly recommend this to anyone!
5 May 2017 Hangouts Fully Accessible I just tested the hangouts app on both an iPod touch (6th generation) and iPhone SE and it is very accessible with Voiceover. All of the buttons are clearly labeled.
3 May 2017 Nearby Explorer Fully Accessible
2 May 2017 Capti Voice Narrator Partially Accessible I downloaded the free version of this app at the end of last year, and honestly I've seen better ones. First off, it wasn't that easy for me to distinguish between the iOS and Mac download links on the app website even after asking someone on Twitter for help. But I clicked on one of the links anyway and tested my luck. Fortunately the installation process was fully accessible on my end. But when I launched the app I couldn't quite figure out the interface. There seems to be no reliable way of uploading something to read. Furthermore, the Capti team didn't seem to want to assist me for whatever reason.
29 April 2017 Lords & Knights - Medieval Strategy MMO Fully Accessible