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25 November, 2019 WhatsApp Messenger Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
24 November, 2019 Jw Library Mostly Accessible The accessibility has improved since version 11.0, please check it out :)
24 November, 2019 AudioWizards Fully Accessible This game is so good and really addicting the accessibility is on point thabk you again for the opportunity to be in the contest I’m so honored to be the one who won the contest
18 November, 2019 Instacart Fully Accessible It's been about a year since I used the app, but I was very happy with it. It was totally accessible and I could prepare and submit my grocery order with a local store entirely independently. Awesome. The only reason I haven't used it more recently is I haven't had an urgent need lately for grocery delivery.
16 November, 2019 MyFitnessPal Fully Accessible Their maybe adds but you can skip passed them or purchase My fitness pal premium to remove them as mentioned it’s VoiceOver friendly
16 November, 2019 Invisible Dragons Partially Accessible The Sacrificing process is completely inaccessible, and that is the only way to move up in the game.
16 November, 2019 ABBYY FineReader OCR Pro for Mac Fully Accessible No additional comments.
15 November, 2019 Duolingo Fully Accessible very well done. All buttons are properly labled and the lessons are accessible. I recommend everyone give this a try for language learning
15 November, 2019 Disney plus Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
13 November, 2019 Disney plus Fully Accessible Fully accessible as far as I can tell.
13 November, 2019 Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Inaccessible The top bar of the main window is accessible, so you can see status, change settings and open help, but as far as I can see there's no way to reach any of the other panels, which makes the app critically inaccessible because you can't even initiate a scan or manage real-time protection.
12 November, 2019 Disney plus Fully Accessible No additional comments.
7 November, 2019 Blindfold Spades Fully Accessible I love playing this game. There are so many variations, each is explained in detail. It is therapeutic and addicting!
7 November, 2019 Lost Cities Inaccessible Was completely accessible until iOS 13. Dev had put a lot of work in to making this game, the best example of accessibility, and I recommended it to all iPhone users. Now it is broken, and I am very sad and frustrated.
30 October, 2019 AudioWizards Fully Accessible No additional comments.
30 October, 2019 Launchpad Fully Accessible No additional comments.
24 October, 2019 Spotify Stations Fully Accessible When you search for an artist to start a station, and you click on that artist's name, I believe that artist is already selected. So then you can see similar artists, and double tapping on them selects them to add to the station. It isn't clear what is selected, but I think if you double tap the original artist you searhed for, that may unselect it.
22 October, 2019 Spotify Stations Fully Accessible No additional comments.
20 October, 2019 Cash Reader: Bill Identifier Fully Accessible The app is very accessible and easy to use. In fact it's so easy a beginer can identify money within minutes of owning an iphone.
6 October, 2019 Dolby On: Record Audio & Video Fully Accessible app has some buttons with strange label, "ic back chevron"
4 October, 2019 IFTTT Mostly Accessible 90% accessible again with only a few things that are still unlabelled. A great job by the developers to resurrect this app from the completely inaccessible state it was in a few months ago.
3 October, 2019 BitLife Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
29 September, 2019 Microsoft Soundscape Fully Accessible No additional comments.
14 September, 2019 Ebates Rakuten: Get Cash back Fully Accessible I'm a new user, so Please Help about the all
14 September, 2019 Cyclepath Fully Accessible In order to drive the bike using the arrow keys, you have to turn off quick nav. To do this, press the left and right arrow keys at the same time. This toggles quick nav on, or off. Turn it back on to see your stats when you’re done the game.