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22 April, 2017 Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
22 April, 2017 SampleTank Mostly Accessible As of Sampletank 2, the accessibility has improved drastically. However, you won't be able to record in the app, which is why I recomend using this in tandem with an app that is accessible and records, like Garageband.
22 April, 2017 Coconut Battery Fully Accessible I also used this app recently when native support for the battery notification was broken. The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver, and you can't beat the price. I still have the app on my system, just in case I need it again. I also like the name.
22 April, 2017 Battery Monitor Fully Accessible I used this app for awhile when the default system battery notification on my MacBook wasn't working with VoiceOver. This app is well worth the price. I especially like the fact that there is a checkbox for audible notifications of charge status. I highly recommend this app for those who want to know the percentage of charging from time to time, but cannot get this information reliably or at all just by looking at the screen.
22 April, 2017 Night Owl (AKA YoruFukurou) Fully Accessible I've been using this app for awhile now, and have found it to be very good. I use it for my personal Twitter account, as well as for my job. The only complaint I have about this app is that it has not been updated for awhile. But perhaps the developers haven't seen a need to do so. You cannot beat the price of this app. Highly recommended for Twitter addicts such as myself.
22 April, 2017 MarsEdit - the blog editor for WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and more. Fully Accessible I began using this app last year, and have had great luck with it. Both the trial and paid versions are fully accessible with VoiceOver. Additionally, the developer is very responsive to user feedback. This app is fully compatible with my personal website too. Great job by this developer.
22 April, 2017 RS Games Fully Accessible No additional comments.
22 April, 2017 RS Games Mostly Accessible No additional comments.
21 April, 2017 Weather Gods Fully Accessible I love this app! If anyone is looking for a weather app that can give them alerts, forecasts and is fully accessible, then I strongly recommend this app! The only thing I'll say, is that it runs in portrait mode, which is really a preference thing. The developer is planning a release where it will support landscape mode on ipads. That is something I like to make people aware of though. All you can do is wait for the next version.
19 April, 2017 Go for Facebook Mostly Accessible I am finding this app to be very accessible with VoiceOver for the most part. However, some of the buttons could be labeled better and/or labeled to begin with. Over all though I'm very impressed given the nature of the app.
18 April, 2017 Dark Sky Weather Fully Accessible Although the app is fully accessible and the developer constantly makes VoiceOver improvements to the app. The interface can be confusing to use and not as straight forward as one would expect. Regardless, a must has if you like to receive notification of when precipitation is about to start and end. A must has for those weather buffs.
18 April, 2017 Naturespace: Relax Sleep Dream Fully Accessible No additional comments.
16 April, 2017 Overcast Fully Accessible Very accessible and easy to use. One of my favorite podcast app hands down. They have made some UI improvements which is now even easier to navigate and use. No more built in ads which was previously annoying. Be sure to check out the smart speed and boost feature in the app.
16 April, 2017 iCatcher! Podcast Player Mostly Accessible must concur with the original poster. It is almost fully accessible. As I have also seen that the three buttons mentioned of the All, New, and Playable are not being displayed or heard by VoiceOver of which are selected. You can only select one of these at a time and it is not possible to know which is selected by VoiceOver. Besides this minor element problem everything else works great.
16 April, 2017 Blindfold Connect Mostly Accessible Probably great. Unless you use braille, in which case too bad.